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To protect and promote the welfare of local animals through rescue, rehabilitation and advocacy.


Pagosa Animal Advocates is a progressive, all-volunteer nonprofit, 501c3 animal welfare and advocacy organization working to improve the lives of companion animals in the Pagosa Springs, CO area.


Rescue-foster-adoption services for elderly and special needs pets
Promoting the humane treatment of animals through the enforcement of existing laws
The Amigo Fund - short term support for qualifying pet owners to provide free food and critical veterinary care


Just as we rely entirely on private donations to support our work, we also rely on the compassion and selflessness of amazing volunteers. We have many volunteer opportunities available.

FOSTER HOMES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! Just as there will always be animals that need our help, we will always be in need of volunteers to provide short-term in-home care for friendly dogs and cats in need until they are adopted. All veterinary care is paid by PAA. Food and supplies are also provided. Fostering can last from a few days to several months. We welcome summer residents and seniors to foster for us.


Pagosa Animal Advocates encourages the adoption of our pets by responsible and qualified persons. All persons wishing to adopt must be 21 years of age, submit an application for adoption, sign an adoption agreement and agree to a home visit. Do to the nature of a foster home network, appointments are required in advance to meet our pets. To assist us in continuing our rescue work, we request an adoption fee of $ 30 for cats/kittens and $ 75 for dogs/puppies. We do not receive funding from the city or the county and we have a very limited budget. This adoption fee is immediately used to pay the ongoing costs of rescuing abandoned and unwanted animals.

Visit the "ADOPT" page of our website to download an adoption application ---


1. Knowing what you are getting. The foster parent has looked after the pet in their own home so you can ask about the pet's personality, activity level, likes and dislikes, behavior, and training needs. You get to meet and interact with the pet in a 'normal' home environment, so you can get a better idea of how the pet will behave.

2. Companion ready. PAA foster pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and health-checked. The actual financial value of these procedures exceeds the adoption fee. PAA does not receive any funding from local government or any other organization, local or national. We subsidise the costs of rescuing with fundraising and donations of both cash and food or goods. We care deeply about our fostered pets and want to make sure they get a head start with the best care possible. Donations to help us with costs are always very welcome and appreciated.

3. Setting a good example. Adopting a rescue pet helps show your children, friends, and family that you care about pets in need.

4. Help an all-volunteer organization. All rescue contribution fees and donations go directly to help PAA save and help more pets.

5. Access to advice and help. You gain a contact (the foster parent) that knows your pet well, whom you can turn to for advice and who will also love receiving your 'guess what my clever dog/cat did today!' emails. We have an entire group of animal lovers who are more than happy to answer any questions and provide the support you need to form a mutually beneficial relationship with your new family member.

6. Best interests at heart. Foster parents are non-profit volunteers and have no other motivation than to help and save abandoned, neglected and abused animals and ensure that people are matched with pets that are suitable. A happy person with a happy pet is our goal.

Each gift, large or small, makes a difference in the life of an animal and the community we live in.



Pagosa Animal Advocates
PO Box 3518
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Phone: 970-903-2500

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