Our Mission:
Rescue discarded breeder dogs deemed unworthy by the pet breeding industry.  Rehabilitate these dogs so they will be able to assimilate with a loving family. Rehome these rehabilitated dogs to quality forever homes.  Educate the public in the need to adopt your pets from kill shelters and dedicated rescue groups.  Finally utilize our resources to support kill shelter dogs.  Help senior citizens and hospice patients rehome their best friend.  Plus be available to those that need to surrender their unwanted pets

Our Policy:
To continuously improve our networks of breeder relations, rescue groups, and education associations in order to save as many dogs as possi ble.
Anyone who uses this site understands they will not hold BRAS liable for typos, errors, incorrect information, or any statements spoken, written or implied.
We do not gather your personal information and hand it over or sell it to other parties. Your information remains confidential and is filed in a secure filing system.
BRAS appreciates all donations that will help us retrieve dogs, provide veterinary care, shelter them, feed them, care for them and 100% of all donations go directly to the welfare of the dogs.
Breeder Release Adoption Service is a Non-Profit 501c3 tax exempt rescue organization who is licensed to operate in the state of Colorado.
This is a non-discrimination organization.

For further information regarding our adoptable dogs, or general questions you can call us at 719-845-0120 or us send us a question below.

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