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CHIEF One of the sweetest dogs we have ever had! This dog is GREAT with children; and this is a rare character for a rescued dog in general and a Dachshund in particular. Chief is very active, loves to play with toys, loves and needs a daily walk for exercise, must go to a home where someone is almost always home. Chief would do best if he had another Dachshund as a companion. He will thrive in a home with a big back yard and a family who will treat him kindly, never ignore him, and love him forever. He has so much to give, please consider this wonderful boy for your home. You may read about him in the biography, just double click on his photo to read his story.


CURRENT NEWS & NEEDS: Times are really tough for those of us doing rescue work. DRCO is in desperate need of foster homes and volunteers who can do home visits or perhaps transport animals. Want to help, but you just can't foster? Consider donating food, exercise pens, large kennels, toys, dog beds or even giving money directly to our veterinarian so you know that money is going toward vet care specifically. Want to give, but find yourself strapped for extra money? Consider using igive.com when you shop online, simply designate Dachshund Rescue of Colorado as your charity of choice, then a percentage of everything you buy online is donated to us, it's simple and doesn't cost you a thing, but helps us so very much! We rely 100% on donations, and we make every dollar count. So if you are led to help, we will gladly receive! If you need more information about our organization, don't hesitate to call, we will gladly answer your questions. If you already give to a shelter, rescue or humane society, please continue to do so, we all appreciate it.

Who We Are

Dachshund Rescue of Colorado is a not for profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted dachshunds. We have successfully re-homed over 3,600 dogs since 1997. When we take in a dachshund, we evaluate him for temperament and health; then we get him the help he needs. First we visit the veterinarian for all basic care: an exam, blood work, heartworm test and vaccinations, and schedule any surgeries needed such as spay/neuter or dental cleanings. In the past we have done major orthopedic work on dogs hit by cars, surgeries to repair injuries caused by abuse and surgeries to fix problems resulting from neglect. Whatever is needed, we do. The rescued dog is then placed into a foster home where he is observed, loved, groomed, walked, socialized, trained and given any care needed to be successfully placed in a new home. We are very selective as to whom is allowed to adopt; our concern is the welfare of the dog, and our priority is to find the best possible home for each individual dog.

Not every dog is right for every adopter, we have a high rate of success because we are very selective when matching a dog to his new family. We hope you will understand when we say that our concern is for the welfare of the dog first, any desires you may have (such as wanting a particular color, coat, age or gender) is secondary. Personality should be your first consideration, everything else is secondary. For example, we will only place a puppy in a home where the adopter is home all day; otherwise the puppy will not receive the proper training, he will not be successful and the adopter will not be happy with the untrained dog. When you adopt a dachshund, or any dog for that matter, you are adding a family member. In order for both dog and adopter to be happy, they must spend a lot of time together; otherwise, what is the point of adopting? There are those who want a dog so their children can enjoy the companionship; but we will emphasize that the care of this dog is the sole responsibility of the adult in the home. We will question why a potential adopter must have a very young dog when their child is leaving for college in four years; we must be assured that this dog, who may well live to be 16 yrs old, will be loved and wanted for the entirety of his life, this will be the adult adopter's dog.

We take into consideration as many variables as we are able, in order to find the best possible match for our dogs. And we will always be available to you, the adopter, for training and help as you need it, through the years. We will do our very best to find you the perfect companion for your situation.

Dachshund Rescue Colorado was formally incorporated July of 2000, however, Kristin has been rescuing Dachshunds (and other critters, too) for over 30 years. She rescued her first Dachshund in Colorado April of 1994. (Her very first rescued Dachshund was Sigmund, a black and tan puppy with distemper who was abandoned at her father's veterinary clinic -- this was 1961!)

In October of 1997, she teamed with another local woman who had been doing rescue and in the first year of "official" rescuing did over 125 Dachshunds. That number increased yearly: 250 the second year, 300 the third and 350 the fourth year. At the peak, DRCO was rehoming over 425 dogs every year - and we estimate that we only were able to help about 25% of the Dachshunds in need, in Colorado.

DRCO is only able to help Dachshunds in need with the help of your generous donations. As a former vet tech, now disabled, Kristin is no longer able to subsidize the costs associated with a large rescue (vet care, food, travel expenses and mailing costs to name a few). However, Kristin is always happy to answer questions and she is now concentrating on education. Her emphasis is educating the public about the proper care of dogs in general as well as informing those interested about Dachshunds in particular. In addition, Kristin is taking in those dogs that the other rescues can't, due to behavior issues or medical problems. She and her foster homes spend the extra time rehabilitating these dogs, training them and making sure they will be successful in their forever homes.

Adopting your next Dachshund Companion

1. The first step toward ANY adoption is to complete and return an Adoption Application. You may call Kristin at 303-369-8170 to request the one page questionnaire. Please, if you are not serious about adopting, do not request an application. Our time and resources are extremely limited and you can help us help the dogs by simply being respectful of this.

2. Once we receive your completed application, we will check your references...

3. Then we will call you. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, as will we. Also, if we have concerns about any of the information you have provided, we will address them at this tiime.

4. If the dog you desire seems to be a good fit, we will then do a meet and greet at your home.

5. If this goes well, then the adoption can take place. Please note that (with very few exceptions) we will place Dachshunds in homes that already have a Dachshund. (This is a breed that does best with a same-breed companion, and does not do well as an only dog unless you are a 24/7/365 stay-at-home person). If one of our dogs would make a good companion without the company of another Dachshund, that will be noted in that dog's biography. Dachshunds have many wonderful qualities, and of course they are our breed of preference, but they are not a breed suited for everyone. Yes, they are cute (they have to be to wiggle out of all the trouble they find!), but it won't be a happy match if you can't handle "the whole package." Please research before you begin looking at dogs: talk to owners, your local breed/fanciers club (Columbine Dachshund Club), the Dachshund Club of America, books, books and more books.

Where our dogs are housed

We are not a shelter, we are a rescue that uses a network of private homes who volunteer to house and care for our rescued dogs. You must first complete the application and a short phone interview, then we may set up a meet and greet with the dog that is best suited for you. Note that we will bring the dog to you, our foster homes are not open for visitors.

Dachshund Rescue Colorado (DRCO)
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-369-8170
Email: dachshund.rescue@ymail.com

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