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BJ is an eleven pound male Yorkshire Terrier who we estimate to be approximately 11 years old. In good health, he was returned to us, through no fault of his own, after a six year placement. Sadly, this was BJ's third adoptive home that we are aware of. BJ was originally relinquished to us by an individual who had intercepted his original owner in the parking lot of a local shelter where he was about to be relinquished to that facility. BJ is a sweet and loving dog that is good with children and other dogs. He needs someone who recognizes the needs of an older pet and is willing to make a permanent commitment to him. BJ's adoption fee is $100.


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Who We Are

The Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to finding loving responsible homes for abused, lost and abandoned Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Established in 1991 by members of the Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Club, Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Rescue has successfully placed in excess of 150 purebred Yorkshire Terriers. Operating in the Denver, Colorado area, Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Rescue is a member of All Breed Rescue Network.

Adopting a friend

In order to adopt a dog from our group, you must meet our adoption requirements. You must be at least 18 years of age and live within the state of Colorado. Because we perform a home visit prior to the adoption, WE DO NOT SHIP DOGS OUT OF STATE. Because difficulties with housebreaking are so common within the Yorkshire Terrier breed, we require that applicants for adoption have a small secure fenced area for the dog. We will not place rescue dogs with families with children under the age of 5. Due to their diminutive size, Yorkshire Terriers are not suitable pets for families with small or rough children. If you own other pets, we will require that your existing pet successfully and non-aggressively interact with any dog you are considering adopting. Our adoption fees range from $100.00-$200.00 with most being $150.00. That does include the spay or neuter which is performed prior to the adoption and all vaccinations with the exception of Rabies. We also treat any medical problems the dogs may have prior to offering them for adoption and we have their teeth cleaned if they need it. For more information please visit our website. Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Rescue.

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Visits are by appointment only and must include the ENTIRE family and any dogs you own. Directions from XX east or west: Please call 303-457-2806 to set an appointment and for directions.
Rocky Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Rescue
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