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MuttSavers Rescue saves from euthanasia unwanted puppies, young dogs and pregnant dogs from shelters with limited space and resources.

MuttSavers rescues these lovable mutts and at adoption events, finds them permanent loving homes. We do not have a facility to visit. All of our animals are in foster homes

Please visit www.muttsavers.org to download adoption documents.

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Email muttsavers@gmail.com for information on fostering qualifications.

PHONE # 720.432.3649

Adopting A Friend

MuttSavers Rescue Adoption Procedure


  • We recommend doing research on the breed mixes of the pups you are interested in adopting.
  • Choose a veterinarian. We require vet's name and contact information. 
  • IF you lease, please bring copy of lease regarding pet policy, guidelines and prohibitions to adoption event.
  • Adoption fee ranges from $200 to $300 to help offset the costs of housing, feeding and medical care for the animals in our care until we can place them in a loving home.
  • Complete a personal interview to make sure you are a good fit for the puppy & the puppy is a good fit for you. Understand that the needs of the animal come first. Our primary goal is to match the animals with the living situations that are best suited for their long term care.
  • Wait patiently for the adoption committee to make final adoption awarding decisions.
  • All adoptions must be approved by the dog.
  • Activate prepaid pet insurance.


Who We Are

Passionate About Saving Dogs

Our rescue is a foster organization and a community of volunteers whose favorite breed is rescued! Our focus is on saving the lives of animals that would otherwise be put to sleep. It is our belief that our animals' needs are of the utmost importance. All of our fosters are committed to meeting those needs.

Most of us are successful "foster failures" who have adopted a rescue dog we've fostered. Those who aren't foster failures...will be eventually!

We are united with great passion for the cause to save dogs from euthanasia, to find loving homes for our rescued animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

Our community outreach is to encourage everyone to become involved in the rescue. We have families who are dedicated to helping out and college students who donate their time and talents. 

We are a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization.

We believe "mutt" is a term of endearment...most of the dogs left at shelters to perish are mixed breed animals that no one wants.

From Shelter to Foster Home

From Foster Home to Forever Home

MuttSavers Rescue does not have a facility to visit because all of our dogs are in caring, loving foster homes. It is in the best interest of our animals not to be shuffled around to meet people during the week. Please do not request individual meetings prior to events.

After being abandoned and in shelters, they deserve R&R and lots of individual attention. Fosters begin to crate train, house train and socialize each mutt. Foster observations provide valuable feedback about each dog's personality and health. Fosters are usually available at the events to tell you why their foster will make a great new family member!

Come Visit Us

MuttSavers Rescue is a foster based rescue and does not have a facility to visit.

Website: www.muttsavers.org

Facebook: facebook.com/muttsaversrescue

Contact us...when emailing muttsaversrescue@gmail.com please include detailed information to help us answer your specific questions. Please indicate what type of information you need.


  • An adoptable dog? Please read the listing and if there is something you have to know before the event, please be specific.
  • Fostering qualifications?
  • Fostering older dogs?
  • Fostering a mama dog with litter?
  • Event and other adult volunteer opportunities?
  • Youth volunteer program?

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