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Who We Are

A letter from AARF's founder, Carlos Lewis................. Dogs were running loose and in packs. They were chasing and killing wildlife and livestock. There were reports of attacks on children waiting at school bus stops. The problem was a serious one. Prior to 1990 there was no dog control in Teller County. In desperation, various property owner associations combined their efforts to alert the county commissioners to the fact that something had to be done. As a result, Teller County agreed to provide an animal control officer and a shelter, but because of limited funding the shelter would need to be staffed by volunteers. Concerned and willing citizens met the challenge and Teller County Animal Shelter was in operation. My husband, Keith, and I along with other volunteers cleaned kennels, fed and exercised dogs, did the shelter laundry and maintenance work, took the telephone calls and promoted adoptions. We set up an animal adoption fund to help with adoption expenses and worked with Cheryl Jones, who had been making arrangements to take adoptable dogs to PetSmart stores in Colorado Springs to find homes for them. The adoption program was established and Teller County’s unwanted dogs were getting a chance to find responsible and caring homes. During the ensuing years there have been many changes. The adoption organization is now non-profit known as AARF, Adoptable Animal Rescue Force. Adoption rates continue to increase and the Teller County Animal Shelter benefited in many ways from the efforts of our volunteers. Working with AARF has been a meaningful and rewarding experience for me. I am proud of the volunteers who continue to spend time and effort in pursuing our mission. Well done AARF! Carlos Lewis

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We are at the Powers PetSmart in Colorado Springs every Saturday as weather permits.
AARF-Adoptable Animal Rescue Force
PO Box 187
Divide, CO 80814
Phone: 719-748-9091
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