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Who We Are

We are a private, in-home rescue that started basically to offer a place for small dogs to find a second chance at finding a home. We only take in dogs when larger rescue groups are unable to support them for some reason. We do our best to place the dogs based on the needs of the dogs and we keep operating costs low by doing everything out of our home. We will adopt out both pure breeds and mixed breeds.

Adopting a friend

We do require an adoption application and there will be an adoption contract before placement. Our adoption fees vary based on the medical needs of the animals, younger animals are typically $200-350 (depending on medical care) but will be spayed/neutered and up to date on shots prior to placement. Older animals fees are based on the age, medical needs and health of the animal. We do require a meeting with the dog to ensure that the dog and all the family members - including other dogs - get along with each other before placement. We do not support giving living beings as "gifts" since statistically "gifted" pets are more likely to end up in a shelter. All animals adopted from us are spayed or neutered to help prevent further animal overpopulation - so please don't ask rescue for a breeding animal.

Special Notes

Please don't support animal abuse, don't support pet stores that sell pets!!! Over 1 Million wonderful pets are euthanized each year - help stop this!!

Sakari Rescue

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