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Who We Are

(Colorado Great Dane Rescue, is dedicated to finding homes for abused, abandoned and unwanted Great Danes and Great Dane mixes. We serve all parts of Colorado. We are not funded by any government agency. We exist solely by the efforts of volunteers and donors from the public. (Regular people like you!!). Because Great Danes are very people-oriented, they do not do well in shelter or kennel situations. Danes that are awaiting new homes are kept in private homes as family pets. These "foster homes" are scattered throughout Colorado. We do not have a shelter facility. This also allows us to give you a greater amount of information about how the dog does in a home situation... whether the dog jumps on furniture, gets in the trash, sleeps on the bed, etc. This also allows us to work with problems and to help train the dog. Colorado Great Dane Rescue DOES NOT breed or raise puppies. We will provide breeder referrals and can provide information on how to choose a responsible breeder. )

Adopting a friend

(Print, fill out & return adoption application by regular Post Office mail- be as detailed and complete as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Once your application is approved, we will call you and proceed with the next step! 2. Telephone Interview- this will give us more information about what type of Dane you are looking for. We try very hard to match the dogs up with the best possible family. We want this to be their last and permanent home. Because our goal is to find the Dane a good home, this may take as little as a few days or as long as a few months. Please be patient. If you want a dog quickly, then rescue is not for you. The decision to add a new family member is a serious one and requires many years of commitment. Think carefully. 3. Home visit/personal interview - this part is easy. 4. Meeting with dogs - this part is fun. 5. Sign adoption contract and pay adoption donation fee. 6. Enjoy your new family member. Colorado Great Dane Rescue, Inc. will take back any dog that we have placed, at any time during that dog's lifetime, for any reason or none. We also offer ongoing help and advice about your new Great Dane! Please Note: CGDRI cannot accept applications from out-of-state. If you do not reside in the State of Colorado, please contact your local Great Dane Rescue. )

Come Visit Us!

(Because our dogs are in foster care in homes across the state, we do not have an adoption facility. Dogs are viewed by appointment only and only after all paperwork has been processed and application approved, If you want to meet our dogs , please visit our website at for dates and times of public education events!) Directions from XX east or west: (type text here)
Colorado Great Dane Rescue Inc.

Englewood CO
Phone: 303-761-9755
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