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This month Carl, our elderly Chihuahua, is our featured pet. He just found his forever family and will get to live the rest of his life in luxury.
Please see for other wonderful dogs needing homes.

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If you would like to look at other rescued Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, please go to the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport web site, at to find a loving companion.

Clear Creek County Animal Shelter is also a volunteer organization that tirelessly rescues and advocates for all animals. While they mostly do bull terrier rescue, they frequently have Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes and small dogs. Please see their web site at

Who We Are

We're a very small rescue in the Metro Denver, Colorado, area that focuses mainly on Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. However, we don't turn away other small dogs if they need our help.

We don't have a shelter location, and rely entirely on foster homes to nurture our dogs before they are placed. Dogs come to us from many sources, including our veterinarian and larger local rescues. We sometimes also get dogs through the Colorado Humane Society, Clear Creek Rescue and occasionally through Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

Most of our rescues have been abused or neglected, and our foster families spend a lot of time teaching them to love and trust again. We work hard to find special families for all of our dogs.

Adopting a friend

If you want to adopt one of our dogs, please contact us at the e-mail address below. We require a donation, of which 100 percent is put towards the care and veterinary services of our rescue dogs. We also require an application, home visit and adoption agreement from each potential adopter.

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Chihuahua and Small Breed Rescue

Denver, CO


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