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Please, before emailing us with your questions, please visit our website at for complete information on our adoption process, more pictures of the cats and downloadable applications. We are volunteer-run, and simply cannot respond to every email when most questions will be answered on our website. Thank you!

Our Featured Pet...

Our featured pet is Shooting Star!

Shooting Star says:

Hi! My name is Shooting Star and Im a beautiful Seal Point girl. My foster meowmy tells me that Im as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside. I am very special you see, I have no eyes but if given a little time and patience to get to know you, my heart can see deep into your soul. I can do pretty much everything a cat with eyes can do other than see. I have learned the layout of my area and I jump up and down off of the cat tree and other furniture in my room with ease. I never miss the litterbox and I can find my food, water and toys just fine (I like toys that I can carry in my mouth or toys that crinkle or have a bell in them that I can hear). I love to be petted and brushed with the zoom groom and I enjoy sitting on foster meowmys lap for some quality petting. I enjoy long conversations and am well versed in just about any subject you might be interested in!

Other animals terrify me, so I am looking for a Colorado home where I can be your one and only furry companion. I promise that I have so much love to share that Im all you need! Due to my blindness, I need a home that is settled, calm and quiet with no small children (under 10) and a person or family that isnt moving from location to location or rearranging the furniture frequently. I am a little fearful with change, so my new family would need to give me lots of time and patience to settle in and allow me to start out very slowly in a small area and branch out from there as I feel comfortable. My foster family can help with this by giving specific recommendations, advice, etc.

Inspiration for my name: Ancient cultures lived under a vast, dark canopy which was wondrous, awe-inspiring and eternal. Occasionally, one of these streaking lights would fall from heaven and tumble to earth as a ball of fire. Since fire is the Symbol for light, illumination and enlightenment, the Ancients perceived that these balls of fire which plummeted to earth contained the Breath, Essence and Enlightenment of Divinity. In effect, these Ancient cultures considered Shooting Stars to be "gifts of the gods". !

I have a lot more to tell you about me along with some videos to share. Read more about me and see more of my videos here:

Shooting Star- CO0355

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Who We Are

Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue is part of the nation-wide partnership of individual non-profit Siamese Rescue Centers that are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned Siamese cats and placing them in permanent, loving homes. Our Center covers the Colorado and Rocky Mountain region of the US.

All of our cats are fostered in carefully screened homes until they are adopted. We welcome your interest in Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue, and please consider volunteering your time with us if you aren't quite ready to adopt!

Adopting a friend

Our adoption process is clearly outlined on our website, where you may also download our Application. Please visit Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue and click on "Adoptions" for detailed information.

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You can find much more information and more pictures on our cats available for adoption at our WEBSITE. Please visit us before making an inquiry - you can get almost every question answered there!

Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue
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Greeley, CO 80633
Phone: 970-351-6582

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