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With the craziness of trying to save the rescue I have not had time to update the list please be patient and I will do it after the first of the year if we are still here. We have until 12-31-05 to raise $1,200.00 that will buy us another month while P.I. properties decides if they are going to kick us out. Wish the big guy for once would do something for the little guy and help save the rescue and our home. A Christmas miracle from them is to much to ask I think. Anyway I will try to update things after the first of the year, I hope.


Ferrets Etc. needs help NOW! As many of you know I have been struggling the past year to make ends meet. Being one of the last ferret rescues in Colorado and the only in the Denver Metro area things have been hard. We will lose our home, which is also home to the ferrets and the rescue if we do not raise enough money to save it. I have contacted the media and asked them to run the story but so far the reponse has been "ferrets are not important to us." pretty mean huh. I am making a desperate plea to help us. This all started last year and the media would not run the story then either, we have managed to keep afloat till now, but cannot anymore. The home will be lost and the ferrets, I am not sure what will happen to them. I have done this almost 13 years now, it is my passion and I do not want to stop the rescue and helping the homeless ferrets, but now I need help or my ferrets and family will be homeless. Please email and write the local media in Colorado and ask them to do a story on us and also if you know anyone willing to help us with a donation that would be great. We are state nonprofit. we would like to be federal but again that requires $250.00 we do not have and someone to help with forms I do not understand. Please email me if you can help at FERRETRSQ@aol.com my old email address ferretsetc@aol.com is down right now due to financial reasons and I am using my mothers email account and had to set up a new address until things work themselves out. Donations can be made to my address below in the name of Stephanie Sheme with Ferrets Etc. in the memo agian it is state deductable not federal. Or to paypal under Ferrets Etc. If you can help us get a federal nonprofit that would be great. I always ran Ferrets Etc. on small donations and by myself, but now to keep it going I need to think larger. If anyone needs references to who we are I can send them or you can check the many ferret web sites out there, I have been around it seems like forever. Please help time is running out soon. Right now it has been hard to get a hold of me by phone and I do apologize but my time has been on caring for the ferrets and trying to find a miracle to save my home. And on a personal note my daughter has some health issues that has us at Childrens Hospital alot. Happy Holidays everyone I hope it is good to all people and animals. After writing this last night (12-17-05) today I get to add to the urgency, my husband works for HomeDepot and just found out they are closing his store and as of Jan. 28th he will not have a job. We pray he gets another one at a different HomeDepot but it is not a sure thing. This really adds to the urgency to get the word out we need help, bad to save the home and the ferrets. Thank you Stephanie

Who We Are

Ferrets Etc is a not for profit rescue groups founded in 1993 by Stephanie Sheme. A veterinary technician by trade.
She has owned ferrets since 1985. Stephanie stopped working in 1996 to devote full time to rescue work her true passion.
Ferrets Etc. also runs a social club to help raise money for the ferrets in need.
Ferrets Etc. saves hundreds of ferrets a year and since 1993 has saved over 2,000 ferrets.
Stephanies dream has always been to open a large sanctuary for animals and maybe one day a miracle will happen and she will be able to start that.
The Etc. in Ferrets Etc. has always been for the extra animals she would love to be able to open a sanctuary for. So email all those rich stars who have ferrets, I heard one of the Hilton girls does, and get them to donate a huge chunk of land and a building to start the first Colorado sanctuary for animals, wouldn't that be cool. It would help Stephanie live her dream and so many animals live theirs.

Adopting a friend

Adoption of a ferret includes a phone interview,
an appointment to meet the ferrets and a contract for adoption.
The adoption fee's range from $25.00 - $115.00 for ferrets (singles, pairs and groups)
Call for all the adoption details.

Come Visit Us!

Please come meet the ferrets we have!
But PLEASE call to set a appointment as this is run from my home and my schedule is a tight one with so many ferrets and two human children.
I am always cleaning something or someone.
Ferrets Etc
15775 Greenstone Circle
Parker, CO 80134
Phone: 303-841-4630
303-358-8387 Email: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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