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 Ideally, a guinea pig can be a child's pet if the parents are willing to carefully supervise the animal's daily care. With adult supervision, children 6 years or older and they can become a successful guinea pig owner. If a child does not measure up to this level of responsibility and long-term care, a parent must be willing to step in and take over the guinea pigs care.        

Adopting A Friend

When you schedule an appointment to adopt, you have access to the entire shelter, to interact with as many or as few guinea pigs as you wish for your appointment. Our counselors are here not to influence, but to answer questions and provide information on the different personalities of the individual guinea pigs. It is our desire for you to have a wonderful one-on-one experience in picking out a new family member. 

Adoption fees are: $25 for a single guinea pig, and $45 for a pair and baby guinea pigs from 5 weeks to 5 months are $35 for a single and $65 for a pair. We do not adopt out mixed-sex pairs (that makes more baby guinea pigs, and we have PLENTY as it is). Our guinea pigs are not fixed because they do not do well with anesthesia.  If you already have a guinea pig at home and are looking for a friend for him/her, please contact us - we can help find a suitable buddy.

You are required to complete a pre-adoption form  found at our website www.cavycareinc.org under the "adopt" tab.

Occasionally we have gently used equipment such as cages for sale just ask if any are available at the time of adoption.

Every adoption comes with a free vet exam with one of our vets who have agreed to see guinea pigs at no charge to you. Adoption also includes a pound of guinea pig food used at the shelter to insure a smooth transition to the alternative food you will be using. All guinea pigs go home in a box provided by the shelter unless you have a carrier of your own.

Guinea pigs can be exchanged with within thirty days of their adoption if the adoption does not work out. All guinea pigs are under contract to be returned to the shelter if they are no longer desired - no questions asked.

Guinea pigs are sensitive to heat, so when temperatures are very hot, adoptions may not be done for that day in consideration for the animal.  


Who We Are


  • Cavy Care Inc. is a licensed, nonprofit shelter dedicated to the rescue and placement of guinea pigs.  We have placed over 8000 guinea pigs in the last 16 years!  Our website is full of information: feeding, cages, bedding, boarding your pet, education, etc. 
  • Cavy Care Inc. also provides expert information to the Small Animal Channel on the subject of guinea pigs. So please also check out the Small Animal Channel. 
  • Cavy Care Inc. also provides a sanctuary for those animals deemed unadoptable by our veterinarian, for a variety of reasons (injuries, special needs, etc.). We provide comfort and care for them for the length of their natural lives.
  • We also offer education and follow-up advice to all who adopt from us - as well as to those who did not!  We want all guinea pigs to have the best possible homes, and if you need advice on their care and well-being, we are happy to help. 


We offer boarding for small animals. Our rates and service cannot be beaten!  Your boarding fees go back to shelter as a fundraising program. Please see our boarding terms on our web page at www.cavycareinc.org

Cavy Care Inc is run solely by volunteers and has been so since opening in 1998. We are solely funded by donations, adoptions fees, and our boarding fees.  





Come Visit Us

Cavy Care Inc. is by appointment only. Please call to set a time to adopt. We ask that you complete the pre-adoption form on our website at www.cavycareinc.org and click on the "adopt" tab. About midway did through the page you will find our online form. You should see a response from us within 24 hours. We are closed on Monday and Tuesdays. 

Cavy Care Inc. does offer tours for $40 for one-half hour, no more than five people per group. Call the shelter to schedule a time. 


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