10736 Jefferson Blvd. Culver City, CA 90230
Telephone 310-390-5338   FAX 310-398-9160  info@heads2tails.org  

**Adoptions**  at Centinela Feed  & Pet Supplies in  Culver City,  Saturdays  from Noon to 4 :30 pm

  Adoption Application 
Please print and fax completed application to :
FAX 310-398-9160

or scan and email to  info@heads2tails.org 

or drop off at adoptions at: Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies  
in  Culver City, Saturdays
from Noon to 4 :30 pm

The Adoption Process
Once you find a cat (or cats) that you would like to adopt, you will need to complete our Adoption Application (see above), which is designed to help us get to know you better and to help you think through the responsibility of adding an animal to your family. If you would like to adopt more than one cat (yay!), just include all the names on one Application; there is no need to fill out an additional Application for each cat. This can all be done on-line or in person at adoptions.

Your Application will then be reviewed by the main office and we try very hard to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Assuming that everything is a go, we will arrange for a mutually convenient time to deliver the cat(s) to your home. That's correct - we bring them right to you!

Upon delivery, we will collect the donation fee (check or cash) and have you complete our Adoption Contract.

When the adoption process is completed, we will mail you a copy of your signed Contract, as well as all of the medical records for your cat(s).

We always love to hear about our adopted cats, so feel free to call or email us with updates and photos, or if you have any questions!

What You Get
Heads 2 Tails prides itself on making sure that our rescued cats receive all of the medical attention that they need to live long, happy, loving lives! Moreover, we want to make your adoption experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Thus, all of our cats are:
-De-wormed at least twice
-Given all necessary vaccinations (2 sets for kittens or annual booster for adults)
-Treated for fleas
-Checked and treated for any external parasites/fungus such as mange or ringworm
-Treated for any internal parasites
-Tested for feline leukemia and FIV and
Many of our cats are also microchipped.

There is no charge for any of these services. They are all covered by your adoption donation.



But wait, there's more! When you adopt from us, the Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies where we hold our adoptions will give you a one-time 15% off on your purchases!

You can get all the supplies you'll need for your new pet(s) and save money!

In addition, even your adoption donation is fully tax-deductible because we are a non-profit organization!




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