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Southern California Bulldog Rescue

Bulldog Basics 101

Basics for Adoption with Bulldog Rescue

Southern California Bulldog Rescue provides shelter, re-homing assistance, and funds for medical treatment for over 100 bulldogs each year. These dogs come to us from animal shelters, other rescue groups, and owners who wish to surrender their purebred bulldogs. We help bulldogs in the Southern California area find suitable homes. Our network consists of many volunteers who foster, do home checks, transport, and place bulldogs who come into our program. Over 1300 bulldogs have been placed thru rescue in Southern California during the last 10 years. We rely entirely on donations for support.

Our Mission

The mission of Southern California Bulldog Rescue is to rehabilitate and find loving families for homeless bulldogs. Our goal is to provide the care and time needed to prepare unwanted bulldogs for placement. We pledge to do our best to make sure they have a good life.

Our Goals

1.To accept Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them.

2.To retrieve Bulldogs from shelters or any other source so they may live to see another day.

3.To find responsible, stable, loving new homes for all rescued Bulldogs.

4.To only place Bulldogs that have been neutered or spayed, to help reduce the population of unwanted pets, by having the necessary surgical procedures performed before placement.

5.To rehabilitate Bulldogs before placement by providing necessary medical treatment and training to increase the chances of successful placement.

6.To place Bulldogs in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible, so they can start their “new lives” quickly.

7.To thoroughly screen applicants before making placement decisions.

8.To inform prospective adopters about the rescue program and the requirements for taking care of Bulldogs.

Please take in account that sudden 'changes in your mind' only takes away from otherwise productive volunteer time. None of the volunteers get compensated for placement of the bulldogs or caring for the dogs.

As you prepare your application, keep in mind that volunteers donate time, space and transportation to the dogs in their care. In light of this, it may take a couple days to respond to emails and follow up on home visits.

Take a few moments to understand and accept the general premise of rescue.

1. It is all volunteer based, that means no one is employed or compensated. Please be understanding and respectful of the volunteer's time. Volunteers are happy to help and explain the process, but please keep in touch with us of you are no longer interested or have changed your mind.

2. Rescue dogs are not perfect and many will have issues not in their favor. This can be age, vision problems, limps when they walk, training issues, skin issues and other concerns. None of these can't be managed or greatly improved with proper care, but it takes someone committed to do this with a rescue dog. . It is not uncommon for a dog to need eye drops or a pill a day as part of their care.

3. Adoptive homes are expected to share in the care of the rescue dog, this is done though the adoptive donation that helps defray expenses for the care of bulldogs and the adoptive home assuming the on going care for the dog.

4. Rescue is not a 'cheap way' or inexpensive alternative to getting a bulldog. Rescue is saving an otherwise unwanted bulldog from what could be sad ending. Since there is a donation made towards the program, the dogs are "not free" and given the nature of rescue, many of the dogs are never perfect.

5. In order to facilitate home checks and post-adoption follow-up/questions, our dogs must be placed in Southern California only (EXCEPT San Diego.) If you reside in San Diego or Northern California, please contact the rescue in your area.

If you feel this is a good time for you to consider the adoption of a rescue bulldog, we encourage you to fill out an on line application prior to asking to meet any of the bulldogs for adoption. Without an application, you will most likely will be asked to provide information though a series email exchanges that will delay you meeting any bulldogs in this rescue program.

** PLEASE HAVE AN APPLICATION ON FILE PRIOR TO INQUIRING ABOUT ANY OF THE BULLDOGS. ** The adoption application and additional information can be found at our website at:

While this might not be the best time for you to bring a bulldog into your home, please consider that you can still help us to continue to save these bulldogs until homes can be found for them all.

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