Northern California-Nevada Shiba Inu Rescue

All dogs are spay or neutered, brought up to date on shots and Veterinary checked before adoptions. All of these dogs come from local dog shelters or they are owner released. All new owners will be given the health records for each dog. The new owner to be, will be asked to sign a contract stating that the dog will be given a great home and if for ANY reason the dog can't be maintained by the new owner, the dog MUST be returned to rescue, no questions asked. NO dog will be SHIPPED anywhere. I must meet the potential adopter in person, and a home check will be done before an adoption. Dogs who come to a rescue group or foster care home come from a variety of backgrounds. Some information about the dogs character and physical health may be known, but in many cases it is not. The environment a dog lives in has a strong effect on its behavior. Some dogs prior to being in a rescue home have been in hostile environments. Not all behaviors may present them in the rescue foster placement. Not all of the rescue dogs have had the advantage of a foster care placement. In most cases foster and rescue placement is short term. And while the majority of rescue animals make loving and wonderful companion animals, like all animals from any background they cannot be guaranteed to be defect free. All known histories of physical ailments or personality quirks will be provided. You will note that this web site contains listings from Nor Cal/Nev Shiba Inu Rescue as well as other rescue sources. These animals are listed as a courtesy only. Specific information regarding a potential adoption should be obtained from the group or individual posting. By listing other individuals or organizations Nor Cal/Nev Shiba Inu Rescue cannot and does not warrant the temperament, health or adaptability of animals from other organizations or individuals listed. The only warranties given by Nor Cal/Nev Shiba Inu Rescue are those listed in the written adoption agreements signed by a representative of Nor Cal/Nev Shiba Inu Rescue.