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Who We Are

Aussie Rescue Of Southern Calif. is a small facilaty located in southern calif in the desert about 50 miles north of Los Angeles. We only do about 15- 20 adoptions / year. Most of our dogs come from local shelters. All aussies are evaluated by the behaviorist /trainer and kept here in the the house and treated as family members not in kennels to find out what the personality / temperments are. Once the dogs have been evaluated then we decide what type of lifestyle the dog would best thrive in. All of our aussies then have a hair anaylsis done to find out what minerals they are defficiant in as well as excesses which contribute to specific diseases over time. The goal is to get them into balance. Once they have been posted to petfinders we have the potential adopters fill out our application and email it back once it is reviewed we then call back the potential adopter.. All of our dogs once palced must go through an approved obediance course and continue to be raw fed when adopted by there new humans. All aussies are aslo microchipped and current on vaccines and are raw fed too. We are very unique and diffrent than most rescues since we do our best to accomidate what the potential adopter is looking for in a dog. We dont want to just place dogs because they are cute or look a certain way to us this isnt a numbers game. WE take pride into fitting the right adopter witht he right aussie the first time . We want our dogs to be fitted with the appropiate adopters one that can contribute to there sucess in life so they continue to thrive for the rest of there lives.

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Adopting a friend

Before you decide in adopting a dog please do your homework and research diffrent breeds you think your may be interested in before you adopt. Think about what qualaties you might be looking for in a specific type of dog. You need to consider your living space as well as how many family members you have in your houshold as well as there ages. Do you want a long haired dog that needs daily brishing or a dog that needs to be groomed weekly? Rember this can be an added expense when trying to decide. Other things to consider is there anyone in your family that might be allergic to dogs? are you looking for an active dog or a couch potato? Do you want an indoor dog or a outdoor dog or both? Do you have any other pets or many friends or relative's that visit you if so how often? Some aussies can be somewhat fearfull or to protective if not properly socialized in there younger years. Australian shepherds are not for most of the population. Most aussies tend to be a very driven dog that needs lots daily exercise as well as mind stimulus( not just ball time). Sometimes daily walks are not enough for this very intelligent breed of dog. If that is the case some aussies can start with behavior problems out of bordome That is one of the reasons some aussies are here in rescue. Since most of the dogs come to us from the shelter typically this happens because buyers didnt do there homework. Unfortunatly some of the previous owners bought a cute puppy without realizing what this breed is about from a pet store or breeder didnt care to tell them how much time they needed to spend with there new puppy, (sometimes this can be the reason that the bred there dog in the first place its a money thing).. Aussies are a great companion animal. They typically tend to be reserved at first until they get to know you. Why is this nessessary? It is because they have a need to protect there herd which you become. They need to be weary so there flock isnt injurey or killed by other wildlife. Aussies came from spain origionally and ascended from the english shepherds and then were bred to various collie breeds or so we think. Over time the aussies were prefected in the US not australia this is the breed we now have and love and know today.. If your looking for a loyal companion dog who loves to be with you hence the loving name (velcro dog) and you have lots of free time to train and play with your dog and be thoughly entertained this might be the right type of dog for you.. If You are NOTa couch potato and limited to the house and have doggie smarts with a wittly temperment this might be the right breed of dog for you. If that is you I welcome you to email us and find out more about our wonderfull dogs that are awaiting there forever homes.
Aussie Rescue So.Ca..

Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Phone: 661-943-1763

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