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Who We Are

Samoyed Rescue of Southern California is a 501 (C3) non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS. The purpose of this corporation shall be to rescue Samoyeds from the pounds and shelters, those lost on the streets, and to relocate unwanted Samoyeds for their owners.

Looking for a new dog?

Take a look at our adoptable pets page for information and photos of the dogs available for adoption. New dogs can arrive at any time, so check back with us again.
Samoyed Rescue of Southern California is a dog club with members who maintain similar interests in the Samoyed breed. The organization concentrates in saving purebred Samoyeds from animal shelters, and individual homes where the dogs are no longer wanted. Through advertising, the club finds adoptive homes for the dogs. Donations are solicited, but not required, from those adopting the dogs, and solicited, but not required, from owners giving the dogs away. The donations only cover the cost of the rescue effort, including such things as shots, spay/neuter, medications, grooming, boarding, feeding; overhead (phone, advertising, office supplies). No salaries are paid and there are no employees. All labor is voluntary from club members. Donations are also provided by patron members. Club activity began January 1, 1993.

Adopting a friend

The first step in the adoption process begins with your adoption application, when it's approved, a home check will be required. Once these steps are completed you're on your way to bringing home your new family member. All of our rescued Samoyeds are spayed/neutered and current with shots. We place our dogs to homes located within Southern California only.

Steps to Adopting
1.SRSC requires that a prospective adopter fill out an on-line application in full. This is not difficult and it also gives us an idea of which dog might be a match for you.
2.Our phone volunteers will call you within a 24 hour time frame to go over your application. At this time, they may have a few more questions and will inform you if we have a dog in our system for you and your family. If a match is not made, you will go on our waiting list. A volunteer will either call or E-mail you at least once every two weeks. When you receive a telephone message or an e-mail from us, you must reply or take thechance being taken off our list. We are an all volunteer organization and have families, work, kids, etc.
3. We will set up a home check to make sure that your yard is secure and that there is an overall compatibility between your home environment and the needs of the prospective dog. This may seem intrusive however, for you and for the dog it is best to know as much as possible about the prospective adoptive home. One requirement is that the home has at least a 5 to 6 Ft fence, block wall preferred; a chain link fence may not acceptable as Samoyeds have been known to climb them. SRSC always considers the prospective adopter who has been on our list the longest first to see a dog. However, we retain the option of referring several people until the potential adopter has been approved and made a refundable deposit.
4. SRSC requires that each adopter sign an agreement stating the obligations of the parties and pay our modest adoption fee ($175.00). We are an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.
5. We will not make a commitment to provide a dog to a prospective adopter until all the above stated requirements have been fulfilled to the satisfaction of SRSC.

Please note that SRSC does not hold dogs or reserve dogs and you are not guaranteed a dog until the adoption has been finalized and you have take possession of the animal.
SRSC has the right to refuse any application

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Samoyed Rescue Of Southern California
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