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Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue

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Come fall in LOVE this weekend and bring someone special home . . .

Lots of sweet hearts waiting to meet you !

All Sizes, ages, breeds ! We offer *by appointment* sniff & whiffs. Please call us for more information 310.995.1221.

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Who We Are

Marley's Pit Stop Rescue was founded 11 years ago when we *mistakenly* took home a pit bull ! Boy, were we lucky, not to mention many of Marley's friends who now have forever homes. We specialize in the Bully Breeds (pure breed & mixes), but are hearts and efforts are open to all breeds. We love to dispel much of the misinformation out there about the pit bull breed and love to have you see all of our dogs getting along and sharing a common goal . . . to find that perfect Guardian and Forever Home !!

We are a primarily *Foster* network so most of our dogs are living in homes, we do keep some dogs in boarding in the case of emergencies or special cases. Our Fosters offer much insight into the personalities of our babies so we can appropriately match him/her to their perfect Guardian.

Adopting a friend

Marleys Pit Stop Rescue
PO Box 90811
Los Angeles, CA 90009
Phone: 310.995.1221

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