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Dogs shown from top left: Ted, Frodo, Jonny, Hector, Dutch and Uba on the floor. Photo: Tim Archibald

Who We Are

BAD RAP is a 501c3 rescue/education group working to make things better for the breed in the SF bay area. We're all crazy about these dogs and volunteer many hours each week to the cause. As part of our rescue mission, we accept dogs who are in crisis and as we have room. Many of the dogs live in our Rescue Barn and others luck into home settings with dog savvy volunteers.
While our dogs wait to be adopted, they receive love, vet care, lots of socializing opps, basic obedience training and general coaching in house manners. All are house trained, crate trained, neutered, vetted and given all shots.
As part of our education mission, we work to help adopters with ongoing support to ensure that each adoption is a happy experience for everybody. Adopters can enjoy free training and an opportunity to join us in fun events such as parades, informal gatherings and educational outreach events.
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Adopting a Friend

We'll work with you to find a dog that is right for your situation. To help us learn about your set-up, we'll ask you to fill out an application, then will set up appointments to meet one or more of our dogs. If you find a dog that feels like a good match, one of our pit bull loving volunteers will come out and do a home visit. Applicants have the option of taking dogs home on a trial basis. Adopters sign an Adoption Contract and pay a $150 fee.

Can I Visit BAD RAP?

YES! You can visit our rescue barn where many of our dogs live. You can also see them at our weekly training sessions (Saturday mornings in Berkeley). If you'd like to see one or more of our dogs, let us know and we'll help set up a meet-n-greet. Questions? We're quick with email. Contact BAD RAP via Email

P.O. Box 27005

Oakland, CA 94602
Phone: 510-414-6461

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