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Our Adoptable Pet List

The dogs we have listed on are currently at our rescue and adoption center, however some are still receiving medical treatment and some may already be profiled for adoptive homes. We also have chosen not to include the icons offered by Petfinder to indicate if pets are compatible with cats, other dogs, or children. We test our dogs several times to be sure of their personalities before adoption, and don't want to post preliminary information. We welcome any inquiries at 877- HOUNDSAVERS or 877-478-8364 or through our website at

Who We Are

The Greyhound Adoption Center rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving homes for greyhounds in need, including ex-racing greyhounds, greyhounds from shelters and greyhound mixes. We place greyhounds in homes throughout California and the Las Vegas area.

We are a 501c3 non-profit group, run by volunteers. Volunteers throughout California help with transport or work with the dogs at our rescue kennel in San Diego, California. Other volunteers contribute time as placement representatives or are involved in fund-raising. Many more help spread the word about greyhounds by increasing public awareness at "Show 'n' Tells" or other forums.

The Greyhound Adoption Center (“GAC”) adoption philosophy is to be an advocate not just for the dog, but also for the prospective owners. We have an adoption process in which we try to make the best match possible so the greyhound has a loving home for life.

The dogs listed here on Petfinder are up for adoption and we encourage inquiries about individual dogs, but the ideal candidate is the person or family whose profile matches the needs of each individual dog. We also look for a long-term commitment, a willingness to listen, financial stability, and a safe and loving home. We feel the dogs deserve this.

We welcome any inquiries at 877-HOUNDSAVERS or 877-478-8364 or through our website

If you want to help...

The Greyhound Adoption Center is a non-profit, volunteer organization supported by donations and people who care. We are a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization; tax ID #95-4132021, state charity registration #CT-101720. Gifts of cash are always welcome and go toward our costs of caring for the dogs and running our rescue center, unless otherwise specified. Other ways you can contribute to our work on behalf of the greyhounds are to become a member or sponsor or make a donation to the Fyvie medical Fund or to our New Kennel Project.

Want to meet a Greyhound?!

We ask that you contact us at 877-HOUNDSAVERS to ask about the current schedule of Show 'n' Tells that we hold all over California so that you can meet some greyhounds! Or check out our event listing on our website
Greyhound Adoption Center
PO Box 2433
La Mesa, CA 91943
Phone: 877-HOUNDSAVERS or 877-478-8364
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