Rock'n M Bunny Rescue and Adoption

Rock'n M Bunny Rescue and Adoption

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We have lots of bunnies needing homes! With the help of People For Pets in Tracey Ca., we rescued 16 bunnies! They all had upper respritory and ear mites, and a few were so sick they were beyond saving. But thanks to Kim and Tracey, the dedicated folks who found and saved these bunnies, they have recovered and are ready to go to loving homes.

What a year!

This has been a very successful year for Rock'n M! we have Rescued and placed over 70 unwanted Bunnies and 10 cavies this year. Luckily the season for unwanted "Easter bunnies" has ended, but we accept bunnies year around, and will be ready for next year. Thanks to everyone's help this year, especially those who opened their hearts and homes to all the wonderful rabbits!


Rock'n M Bunny Rescue is finally official! Thanks to Pet Finder. Saddly too many parents purchase rabbits for their children each year, only to have the children lose interest a month later. Luckily Rock'n M is here to find homes for all those unwanted bunnies. If you know of any rabbits or cavies in need of good homes, please let us know, we currently have plenty of openings in our barn.

Who We Are

We are a non profit rescue and adoption organization who's sole purpose is to insure that rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs)get lasting, loving and knowledgeable homes. We have over 15 years experience with rabbits in all aspects, and we are available to answer any questions you may have. We work with our local Humane Society, Animal Control, and local wildlife groups to find homes for every homeless bunny they get in.

Adopting a friend

WE DO NOT CHARGE AN ADOPTION FEE!! Currently our adoption application is not set up on line, but we can mail you one, or you can make an appointment to come see our bunnies and fill one out. To make an appointment or have an application mailed to you simply call (530)343-2558 anytime and leave a message with your name and address or email us. We can also send you an information packet if you would like more information on caring for rabbits or cavies (guinea pigs) before you decide whether or not to adopt.

Come Visit Us!

We allow visitors by appointment only. We work full time jobs, and handle all of our rescue business on evenings and weekends, so we have found that appointments work best. Simply call (530)343-2558 or email us to make an appointment.


Butte Humane Society, Wilburs Feed and Seed, Liz Larsen, Bob and Kelly Tapp

Volunteer Opportunities

We are in need of dedicated people to help us care for our rescue bunnies and also for general maintnance and landscaping of our rescue and adoption facility. Just email us or call for further information.

Needed Donations

Help us with our rescue opperation by donating your unwanted cages! We are also in need of the following items: rabbit and guinea pig food, straw bedding, waterers and feeders, alfalfa and grass hays, alfalfa cubes, plywood scraps for nestboxes, and metal carports to house our bunnies. Any other donations are also gladly accepted.

Rock'n M Bunny Rescue and Adoption
4756 Hartley Dr.

Forest Ranch, CA 95942
Phone: (530)343-2558

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