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Please come support our rescue by shopping in our store Pawz for a Cause, located at 928 Cypress Ave., behind the downtown Safeway. Donations of gently used household and pet items gladly accepted. All proceeds benefit our non-profit.

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Who We Are

ResQ Animal Coalition is an animal adoption and pet rescue organization for small dogs. . Our primary focus is small dogs such as terriers, pugs, pomeranians, poodles, bichons, shih tzus, papillons and many small mixed breeds.. We believe in the quality of our adoptions, not the quantity. We take extra time and effort to ensure that our adopters and our animals are carefully screened so that we can provide the best match for both the adopter and the pet. Oftentimes, we won't offer an animal for adoption until weeks have gone by in our care so that we can determine its needs and personality. Additionally, we will not adopt to the first person who applies for an animal. We will wait for as long as it takes to make the best match.

Our adoption center is located at 928 W. Cypress Ave, Redding, CA. It is advisable that you first fill out our online application before coming to meet an animal ( If it is approved we will contact you to set up a day and time for a meeting.

Please visit our pet boutique and thrift store (proceeds benefit our non profit rescue) located at 254 Hartnell Ave., in the Cobblestone Center shopping center south of Raley's. Our hours are from 10:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday..

We also specialize in parrot, tortoise and turtle rescue. We have a certified herpetologist and aviculturist available to help out with with these special friends.

We will always strive to find life-saving alternatives for all those who cross our paths because we believe that every pet that has been cast away for whatever reason deserves a safe and secure home. We are strictly non-profit and cannot help these needy animals without your support - please consider a tax-deductible donation through Pay Pal (link below).

Another great way to donate is through the Petco e-gift certificate program. See link below:



Adopting a friend

To adopt an animal from us we will require that you fill out an adoption questionnaire and have at least one interview with you. Adoption fees vary and cover the costs of a comprehensive vet exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test, wormings, flea treatments, professional grooming if needed and whatever additional medical treatment or medications are prescribed. These fees are tax deductible. We also reserve the right to make a home visit to see where the animal is to be kept and verify fencing is secure. We take our adoptions very seriously, and reserve the right to choose the best home possible for those that can not speak for themselves!!! You can visit our website at <"">Resq Animal Coaltion to fill out an on-line application.


We always need adoption coordinators who are animal /breed knowledgeable as well as having a fair amount of animal health knowledge to arrange retrievals/rescues from all over the west coast, as well as our local areas. We pride ourselves in being involved in the largest breed rescue network in northern California, and have a vast variety of professional experience in many fields of animal welfare and health. We also are in need of transports along the I-5 Highway between Sac. and Redding. We need to get the word out that in most cases Resq can help with the re-homing of most toy breed dogs in and around Shasta County thus eliminating the need to surrender dogs to local animal shelters, preventing the chance of euthanasia!!! Once we accept a dog into our program we take responsibility for it for the rest of its life. (SMALL SURRENDER FEE MAY APPLY TO HELP WITH COST OF DAILY CARE). We also assist in disasters and have volunteers trained as 1st responders, by a nationally recognized entity.

Come Visit Us!

In an effort to keep the animals as well adjusted as possible we keep them in foster homes. If you are interested in a specific animal, you must first fill out our adoption application before you can visit. Our foster homes are all private volunteers and have families and schedules of their own. When you fill out the application, if it is approved and you are accepted as a potential adopter, then you may meet the animal.
ResQ Animal Coalition

Redding, CA
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