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Who We Are

We rescue Persians and Himalayans from kill shelters, concentrating on one rescue at a time. Each rescue is seen by a veterinarian and treated and medicated if necessary; neutered or spayed; tested for FeLV and FIV; given its distemper shot; thoroughly groomed (including stripping if necessary) and bathed; and evaluated for its personality, and its likes and dislikes.

Adopting a friend

Potential adopters must have a reference from a veterinarian (which will be checked). We strongly prefer that adopters have had previous experience with Persians. Adopters must also sign a contract agreeing to return the kitty to us if it cannot be kept for any reason; agreeing to keep the kitty indoors; and agreeing to provide all necessary care. There is a $125 adoption fee, which helps to indicate the seriousness of the new family, and which helps (barely) to defray the costs that are put into each rescue.

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Persian/Himalayan Rescue of Southern California

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

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