Papillons and Playmates (PAPS)
Papillon and Small Dog Rescue of Southern California

Papillons and Playmates has evolved out of Papillon Rescue of Southern California because we have room in our hearts and have made room in our foster homes for other small dogs who, through no fault of their own, are in need of forever homes.

We are a not-for-profit organization that takes in needy Papillons, Pap mixes, and, whenever possible, some of their “playmates”. Our goal is to make the ideal match between dog and adopter by taking many things into consideration, but most importantly the needs of the dog. Some rescues will be good with children, some won’t. Some are active, while some are couch potatoes, and we are careful not to place a laid-back dog with a marathon runner. Many rescues have been neglected, if not outright abused, in the past and these dogs deserve homes with adopters who have the time to lavish them with the love they have never experienced. If that means a stay-at-home adopter, we find one for them. We take the time to evaluate each dog and we hope that potential adopters will take advantage of our experience in playing matchmaker so that our rescues do go to forever homes.

All of our rescued Papillons and Playmates are spayed or neutered, examined by a vet, and treated for any medical conditions before they are placed.

or call us at (760) 295-4855.

If you are interested in adopting one of our current or future rescues, please email us at to request an ADOPTION APPLICATION.

See the dogs we have available by clicking on our Pet List link below.

Our Pet List

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Papillons and Playmates (PAPS)
Papillon and Small Dog Rescue of Southern California
Phone: (760) 295-4855
northern San Diego County CA 92084

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