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Orange County Cavy Haven is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehoming guinea pigs in Southern California. We rescue abandoned guinea pigs from shelters in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Our guinea pigs are rehabilitated, socialized, and fostered by volunteers until they are ready to be adopted. Please consider adopting one of the "shelter pigs in need" first! They have only a limited time at the shelters. For assistance with rescuing a shelter guinea pig please email

Orange County Cavy Haven was founded in 2003 as a rescue for guinea pigs. Although we are based in Orange County, we rescue guinea pigs from L.A. and Bay Area shelters as well. We also have foster homes in L.A. County. To find out more about our organization visit

Who We Are

Orange County Cavy Haven is a guinea pig rescue that is a not for profit organization. We provide education, referrals, and adoptable guinea pigs.

We do not take private surrenders as there are too many guinea pigs in danger in the shelters and we have a long waiting list.

We are always in need of volunteers to foster guinea pigs, supervise adoption days, and socialize the animals.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a guinea pig requires consultation and preparation so that we can help you find the right pet for you. We recommend the following steps if you are interested in adopting:

1) Visit our Website and read the "FAQ" page. Then, visit the "LINKS" page and explore some of the information available on the internet.

2)Visit Cavy Cages to find out what kind of cages are appropriate and how to make them.

3) Email us with your questions.

4) Fill out an adoption application. This can be emailed to you as an attachment upon request, or you can check out our adoptable piggies at The Cavy Classifieds by entering in the zip code, 92832 or 92869. Applications are available once you access the description of a particular guinea pig and click on "detail." In addition, there is a downloadable application on our website.

5) Make an appointment, via email, to come visit the piggies!

Wish List!

- Bags of Carefresh, aspen, or kiln-dried pine shavings

- Plain guinea pig pellets (Oxbow, Mazuri, or Kaytee brand)

- Hay (Timothy, Orchard, Alfalfa)

- Water Bottles

- Food Bowls that can be sterilized

- Towels, fleece, rugs, or other soft washable bedding

- Igloos and hidey houses to make them more comfortable

- Digital Cameras! So that shelter scouts can take photos of shelter guinea pigs for our website. This helps them get adopted!

-Monetary donations to pay for the above

Web Site

Orange County Cavy Haven

Orange County Cavy Haven 2900 Madison Ave., Unit D19 Fullerton, CA 92831* *note - **



Contact us via voice mail at (714) 242-7548 and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. It is best to reach us via email if possible.

Interested in volunteering, want to make a tax-deductible donation or have a question about guinea pigs? Please email

Interested in saving a life and adopting a guinea pig or two? Please email

Interested in ordering supplies like hay, pellets, shavings, a C&C cage, cozies or other guinea pig items? Please email (all proceeds go to the guinea pigs)

If you are unable to keep your guinea pigs and DID NOT adopt them through OC Cavy Haven on contract - please email for surrender counseling and advice on how to safely re-home them

Other ways you can help

If you shop online, please consider registering with . A percentage of what you spend will go to OCCH and help us take care of the guinea pigs. Most of the stores you shop at probably will let you use iGive.

Our Cafepress Store sells a lot of very cute guinea pig related items. Please consider doing some shopping to support our rescue efforts.

Cash for Critters Recycle for the Animals: Help the guinea pigs and the environment. Turn trash into donations! OC Cavy Haven is collecting empty ink jet, laser printer cartridges and digital cell phones. We recycle them and earn funds for our rescue as part of the Cash for Critters Program. See if your employer or business will donate their used cartridges! Check the Cash for Critters website which cartridges are accepted.

Attention Ralph's Shoppers! Help the guinea pigs for free! Every time you use your Ralph's Club Card, Ralph's will send a percentage of your grocery bill to OCCH. Please click this website and enter your card number and info: Simply click sign up as a PARTICIPANT and enter OCCH's NPO # which is 82661 along with the rest of your information. Thank you for your support!

SmartRaise Shopping online? Register with SmartRaise via this link A percentage of your overall purchases will be donated to OCCH. Most popular retailers are partnered with SmartRaise.

GoodSearch Start using as your search engine and online shopping mall! Every time you search the Internet via goodsearch or make an online purchase at one of their partner merchants, GoodSearch makes a donation to OCCH. Simply select Orange County Cavy Haven from the list of charities to sign up. Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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