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Rocket Dog Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers who save animals from death at over crowded shelters, in cases of neglect, severe trauma, or where there is no hope of rescue.
We open our hearts and homes to provide temporary care for these dogs until they are placed in loving homes.

See the inspiring story of Pali Boucher the founder of Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Before she could save hundreds and hundreds of dogs, she had to save herself. Rocket Dogs Pali Boucher - The unofficial Patron Saint of Lost Causes, a tattooed and street-savvy animal lover saves dogs from certain death and matches them with grateful families. Witness the unique way she reaches out to embrace two- and four-legged friends. View Our Story Here!

How Can You Help?

Rocket Dog Rescue needs Temporary foster homes for dogs and puppies in the San Francisco Bay Area! We rescue dogs and puppies that are to be put to death at overcrowded shelters. As a foster home, you would provide a safe, stable, loving temporary home for a deserving animal that needs your help. We provide basic veterinary care, spay, vaccines and food (if you need). We work very hard to place the dog, and would never leave you "stranded" with an animal. We hold adoption events every Sunday in San Francisco and a few times a month, on the Peninsula. Fosters are required to attend, at least two, events a month with their foster dog.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. Open your heart, and become a foster home for a good dog today!

please contact: or come by an adoption event

Adopting A Friend

Check out all of our wonderful dogs on our website at: If you are interested in adopting one of our 'famous' Rocket Dogs, email us! We are also have adoption events every Sunday at Pet Food Express Stonestown store (3160 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132) from 12:30-5PM, stop by... you never know, you may meet the dog of your dreams!

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