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If you see a cat you would like to adopt, please click here to submit our application: Long Beach Felines

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Who We Are.....

We are volunteers who foster the kittens and cats on this Petfinder website. Some cats are rescued from Shelters when they are OUT OF TIME. Once we get them out of the shelter, the cats are tested & examined at a vet and then go to foster homes -- where they live with the family -- NOT in cages, until adopted. We also rescue homeless cats from the streets of our communities. While there are far more cats than we can foster, we're at work right here in our own neighborhoods.

We Need Fosters.....

We need loving foster homes for the cats. We do not have a shelter facility. Without foster homes, we can't save lives. We can only save orphaned kittens, moms with kittens and cats if we have people willing to share their home. Fostering is fun and rewarding. It's a way to expose your family to caring for a group of kittens without having to keep them all. People who foster know that they get so much more back in love and laughs than they give in care.

If you want to know more about fostering in order to save the life of a street or shelter cat or kitten, please e-mail us at Foster Volunteer or click here to submit our application : Volunteer/Foster Application

If you can't foster but want to help, you can volunteer to provide other services that help us promote adoptions and support our activities. This can be anything from fundraising to paperwork to media support and more.

Please click here to submit our application: Volunteer/Foster Application

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Please include mailing or email address in remarks and a tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you.

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Long Beach Felines
P.O. Box 15704 Long Beach, CA 90814
Email: lbfelines@yahoo.com

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