OCHS HISTORY... What started out in 1949 as a simple effort to tend to less fortunate animals in Orange county, has over the years turned into a safe haven for tens of thousands of helpless pets. Now called the Orange County Humane Society (OCHS), the center has just gone through a metamorphosis in hopes of helping even more unwanted or neglected animals. OCHS MISSION... Our employees, along with a group of enthusiastic volunteers, staff the OCHS; and have made it an integral part of the local community. Numerous animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles continue to enjoy the services of the OCHS and it is our goal to continue this mission for as long as stray and sick animals still roam our streets. The Orange County Humane Society (OCHS) is dedicated to the protection of abused, unwanted, neglected and under-appreciated animals. We make every effort to nourish the starved, nurse the sick, accept the unwanted, heal the wounded and endear the abandoned. We are dedicated to the relief of animal suffering, the promotion of animal welfare and the education of the local community. WHAT WE DO... We provide shelter and care to unwanted and lost animals until their owner is found oe a new home is found for them. There are no time limits on an animals stay, as long as they are not aggressive or unadoptable. We acess each potential adopter, evaluate their lifestyle and personality and match them to a pet that will be best suited to their home (this prevents the pet from being returned or abused). We look for perfect matches, a pet will stay with us until a match is found. We shelter and care for animal control animals for the city of Westminster only. We also provide licensing services for that city. We edducate the public on humane education, pet care and awareness. We offer classes and programs to the community, particiapte in community events to promote humane education, pet care and awareness. PLUS, WE SAVE HUNDREDS OF LIVES EACH YEAR!!!! ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS... *Valid