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Animal Services Division is composed of four areas: Field Services, Shelter Services, Licensing, and Education. Field Services Officers (ACO’s) provide stray animal pick-up service for the unincorporated areas of Monterey County and the City of Greenfield. The officers also provide licensing, nuisance abatement, trap rentals, rabies investigation and quarantine service, as well as, after hours emergency service.

Animal Services Center provides shelter for approximately 4,500 stray animals annually. These animals are brought in from unincorporated areas of Monterey County, and the cities of Carmel, Greenfield, and Sand City. Animals without any owner information, etc. are held for 4 business days, not counting the day of impound before being placed into adoption, transferred to a rescue group, or euthanized.

A properly licensed pet assures that the rabies vaccination is current. Because the rabies virus is present in Monterey County, current rabies vaccinations are mandatory for dogs and cats over the age of 4 months. Licensing is the tool used to ensure the vaccinations are done. MCAS does licensing for the unincorporated areas of Monterey County and the cities of Carmel, Greenfield, and King City. All other cities do their own licensing.

Education is a wide spread component of Animal Services. Animal Services staff work hard daily to educate the public about the importance of animal-related issues, such as spay/neutering, identification, training, medical care, being a responsible pet owner, and more. Pet training lectures, pet care materials, informational videos and handouts are some components of the education program.

Adopting a friend

Our website is updated twice a day with photos of our shelter animals, including both strays and adoptables. It also lists adoption information, licensing information, local laws, donor opportunities, volunteer information and more. For questions on adopting an animal from Monterey County Animal Services, please call 831-769-8850, ext.1. Please visit our website today at::

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Animal Services is located at 160 Hitchcock Road in Salinas, CA. For directions, please call 831-769-8850 or click on the link to our directions page:
Monterey County Animal Services
160 Hitchcock Road

Salinas, CA 93908
Phone: (831) 769-8850

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