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Java is only about 35 pounds and loves to play! She is a terrific snuggler and quickly turns from a playful pup into a glorified couch potato! She will play tug-o-war or fetch for hours or take long walks / runs with her human companion. She loves taking rides in the car and sticking her head out the car window so her ears flap in the wind. Java is a very affectionate dog that loves human companionship, but can be picky about her canine companions. She is extremely intelligent and loves learning new tricks. She’s had a tough start to her life and really deserves some kindness, love and attention! She is housebroken and great with kids! To meet Java please contact Inga at 310-937-7949! .

Who We Are

Canine Crusaders is an all volunteer, non profit dog rescue organization that was founded for dogs that come from abusive and stray situations. Our goal is to help these wonderful animals find loving homes so that they can have a second chance at life. The goal of our organization is to get every one of our dogs into a foster home where they can be with loving families while they wait for their turn to be adopted! That way, we can work with them and really get to know their TRUE personalities! Our animals come from stray situations, LA shelters and owner turn ins. We work with our local police department, vet and animal control as well. We get dogs of all sizes and ages, purebred and mix alike.

We currently have over 50 dogs that are in dire need of finding loving families. Please help us help the helpless, volunteer, foster or adopt today!

Adopting a friend

Because of the difficult beginnings with which our animals have been faced, it is our goal to find them a happy ending. Not only do we not want them to end up back on the street, we want them to have the loving home they so deserve. In order to provide this for these animals, our adoption process consists of several easy but thorough steps.
  • If you're interested in an animal, we'll ask that you fill out a questionnaire, which we will review to ensure you and the dog you are interested in adopting are a perfect match!
  • Once that match has been made, we'll do a home inspection and then a home delivery of the animal. Sometimes this can all take place within the same day, however it usually happens within a couple of days. This is due to the fact that we don't have enough volunteers to run adoptions and do home checks all at once!
  • There is generally no waiting period. However, Canine Crusaders reserves the right to cancel the adoption process at any time if we feel that the home situation or adoptive family has been misrepresented, if all information was not given, or if we feel that perhaps the dog is a better match with another family.
  • Now that your pet is anxiously awaiting its new family, a $350.00 donation is required and you must sign the adoption contract agreement. The donation covers spaying/neutering, kennel rent, vaccinations, micro-chipping and de-worming. The adoption fee goes to pay for all of the other animals in our care, many of which come to us with injuries or medical conditions that require treatment. Canine Crusades survives solely on adoption donations and it is for this reason that the $350 donation is non-negotiable. Adoption of puppies is $350. Adoption of small breed dogs is $350 as well. Again, we survive SOLELY on these adoption donations.........Adoption of pure breeds and specialty doggies may vary -- being higher or lower and based on a case by case agreement between Canine Crusaders and the adopting family......
  • When you adopt a Canine Crusaders pet your new family member will always be current on all vaccinations and of course be neutered or spayed.
  • We offer a two-week grace period for all dogs, at which time you may receive a full refund of your money. Due to our lack of space and volunteers, we will need you to continue to foster the animal until we can find a suitable replacement home. At no time may you sell your adopted pet, give him away to strangers, take him to the pound, give or sell him to research, or euthanize him for anything other than a terminal medical condition.
If you have any questions regarding our adoption policies, please feel free to call us at 310-937-7949.

Meet our dogs!

If you see a dog on this site that you would like to meet, please call us at (310) 937-7949.

Ways to Help!

Click the link below to find out how Karl Silva at Shorewood Realtors is helping Canine Crusaders.
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Canine Crusaders
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Phone: 310/937-7949
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