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How often do you get to be a hero? Genuinely save a life? Our animals have limited time, so please give them a chance. There are many puppies, kittens, cats and dogs that desperately need you. Please come out today and take a look at them! While we do our best to find homes for all our animals, we are not a "no-kill" facility, since we have limited space and must take in animals from the public. That is why these animals need you to ADOPT, NOT SHOP! There is currently a severe pet overpopulation crisis that can be solved only if people spay and neuter their pets, and stop buying from breeders and pet stores stocked by puppy mills. Be part of the solution, not the problem.



For example:
Jennifer Aniston
Drew Barrymore
Orlando Bloom
Adam Brody
Sandra Bullock
Charlize Theron
Matthew McConaughey
Nicole Richie
JK Rowling..........

........All chose rescue animals for their pets. Need I say more?

Common myths & worries about adopting shelter dogs :

1. " Shelter dogs are there because they have behavior or other problems."
Truth: Dogs wind up in shelters for all sorts of reasons, most of them having nothing to do with the dog itself. Good, loved family dogs get lost and their families don't know where to look for them. Many people have lost their homes and have nowhere to take their pets except the shelter. Finally, most commonly- good animals are owned by irresponsible owners. Almost all the dogs in shelters are former pets. Many are already housetrained and some may even know basic obedience training.

2. "Shelter dogs are dirty and sickly."
Truth: All dogs brought into municipal shelters are given a series of vaccines to prevent common illnesses. Shelter workers don't want sick dogs, so they keep a close eye out for any signs of illnesss. In reality, shelter dogs are no more likely to be seriously ill than dogs bought from a low-quality breeder or cramped pet store. Many of them are in desperate need of a haircut and even a flea treatment, but a quick grooming solves that problem. If the animal you are adopting needs to be spayed or neutered prior to coming home with you, arrangements can often be made with the veterinary office to have the animal groomed before the surgery, since the surgery site should remain dry for a period of days after surgery.

3. "But how will I know the dog's personality?"
Truth: While dogs at shelters are under a lot of stress, most adjust to the environment within a week or two. Our shelter has several lovely play areas where you can take your time and interact with the dog. Give them a few minutes to sniff around and relax, then let them approach you or gently approach them. You can get a good feel for the dog's energy level, play drive, and general personality in about 20 minutes. How does the dog respond to your attention and touch? Consider your home and lifestyle- everyone in the home, including other dogs, should be able to meet potential adoptees. Redlands is a small shelter so the employees and volunteers can give you feedback on what they have observed about specific dogs. Don't be afraid to ask !!

4. " But if I buy a puppy, I'll be able to shape its personality and make it bond to me for life."
Truth: Like people, dogs are all individuals. This is a big PLUS to adopting a shelter dog- most are past the puppy stage and you can get a much more accurate feel for what their adult temperament is. I have no doubt, after rescuing several dogs of my own, that they know I saved their lives. Their gratitude is expressed in their utter devotion to me. Even better, *I* know I saved their lives, and that is THE best feeling ever. Nothing gives you a stronger bond than that !

5. "But I want a purebred dog."
Truth: Look around you. Shelters and rescues are packed with purebreds. We are in the midst of a shameful pet overpopulation crisis that ends in millions of adoptable animals being put to death each year, many of them purebreds.,, and can help you find what exactly you're looking for.



The Redlands Animal Shelter is responsible for control and adoption of all stray and owner released animals within the City of Redlands. There are many adoptable cats and kittens as well as great adoptable dogs and puppies at the shelter.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, feel free to stop by the shelter and take a look. Even if the animal you see isn't available another wonderful animal will be, new animals come in every day. We have beautiful shady play yards available so that you can visit with the dogs out of their kennels. Our helpful staff and volunteers are happy to assist you with your adoption- don't be afraid to ask them for help !! All animals are spayed or neutered before they are released to go to a new home.

You may also give us a call about any of the animals on the website. Just reference the ID number listed in the animals description. If you are interested in an animal, let the shelter know- you may buy them enough time to save their life.


You will definitely help a very worthwhile life by adopting an animal through the animal shelter. The animals will win and you will win. We have a wonderful selection of dogs and cats and have at least one "perfect" or "purrrfect" selection per family. Come on down today and see us and put the fears of these worried little creatures to rest.

Adoption fee: Dogs or Puppys are $63.00 Cats or Kittens are $37.00.

These fees include spaying or neutering of the pet prior to you taking them home.  All shelter dogs and cats receive their first, basic, vaccinations at the Redlands Animal Shelter prior to being adopted.


The Redlands Animal Shelter is located on Kansas at its intersection with Park. From the 10 Freeway, exit Alabama, head south on Alabama to Redlands Boulevard. Turn left (heading east) on Redlands Boulevard. Make a right on Kansas (if you hit Tennessee you have gone too far). Go about one block and look for the Redlands Animal Shelter on the left. The shelter's hours are:

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday thru Friday
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Saturday
Closed on Sunday & Mondays& Holidays

Redlands Animal Shelter

504 North Kansas
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: (909) 798-7644

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