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We have adoption fairs the first three Saturdays of the month The first Saturday of the month is at Petsmart in Campbell The Second Saturday of the month is at Petsmart in Milpitas The third Saturday of the month is at at PetFood Express in Los Gatos All fairs are held from 11 am to 2 pm. Los Gatos is 11 to 1 Contact a foster home if you are interested and see which AF they will be attending of if someone can bring the dog for you to see. Most foster homes will only attend one of the two AF's. Other members will bring dogs to AF's for persons to see.

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The Bay Area Siberian Husky Club (BASH) sponsors a rescue effort to save Siberian Huskies and other nordic breeds that otherwise may be urned out on the street or face euthanasia in shelters. Founded in 1987, the efforts of those volunteering their time to Siberian Husky rescue in the bay area have been exceptionally successful--finding homes for a high percentage of the Siberians who enter the program. Dogs listed on our site are up for adoption. All efforts have been made to find the owners, unless they have been surrendered. All dogs are altered, and made current on shots before being put up for adoption. Adoption fees range from $100 to $600, based on adoptablity. This covers a small portion of the cost of spay/neutering, shots, pound fees, and vet costs. Puppies are the high end of our adoption fee and older dogs are $100. All dogs have been evaluated, however descriptions of the dogs, including evaluation of their temperament are furnished by the people placing them. We are providing a source of information only and do not attempt to verify the information given.

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Please check our web site for each dog's foster home information (phone and e-mail address). Movies of most of our dogs are also available on our web site.

Where can I see the dogs in foster care?

We hold adoption fairs throughout the Bay Area most weekends. The adoption fairs are posted on our web site. We try to post a list of which dogs will be attending which adoption fairs on a weekly basis. All foster dogs are kept in foster homes. Please feel free to contact the foster home to set up a visit at or near a foster home.
Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue Referral
2633 S Bascom Ave

Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 800-473-BASH


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