Who We Are
PHS/SPCA is the county's haven for stray or unwanted domestic animals, injured wildlife and discarded pet shop exotics, and home for a multitude of services. Each year, more than 15,000 animals come through our doors. We provide a warm bed, a gentle touch and outstanding veterinary care. PHS/SPCA is also an animal protection agency, and works with the County's District Attorney's Office on animal abuse and cruelty cases. Staff and volunteers educate schoolchildren and run a public, low-cost spay/neuter clinic. We bring our mobile spay/neuter clinic into underserved communities and offer free surgeries. We offer behavior consultations, several levels of obedience classes and a free behavior helpline, in English and Spanish. We help some people select their first puppy, kitten or bunny and host a support group for others grieving the loss of a longtime companion. To help more animals go up for adoption, we have a foster care program.

PHS/SPCA is a private, non-profit organization that relies heavily on voluntary contributions to offer most of our services. PHS/SPCA accepts all animals, and often provides a second chance to the neediest animals -- animals who would otherwise be turned away at smaller adoption agencies that have limited admission policies and turn away more challenging cases. Our record is outstanding. Since 2003, we have adopted 100% of healthy (physically and behaviorally) dogs and cats. In addition, we use resources to make well, then adopt, between 100-150 treatable animals each month. Sadly, in some cases (underage animals who cannot survive in a shelter environment, animals that have proven to be aggressive or those with injuries beyond our means to treat given the fact that we receive close to 25 dogs and cats daily!) all we can provide is a painless ending when resources have been exhausted.

Adopting a Friend
Our goal is to place animals in permanent, loving homes. Our counselors match people's interests with the animals available. The adoption fee for dogs and cats includes a spay or neuter surgery, a San Mateo County license, a microchip (a permanent form of identification), a vet check, vaccinations and a health assuredness plan. We also adopt many rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and some exotic species such as turtles, snakes, and iguanas. We provide follow-up for each adoption; a member of our Animal Behavior Department calls adopters to see if they can help with any of the routine issues that arise when a new animal is brought into the home. We also offer obedience classes for dogs adopted from PHS/SPCA. Note, we do not ship animals outside our county. You must visit the shelter and meet with an adoption counselor before adopting.

In a small percentage of adoptable dogs, PHS/SPCA requires an $85 training fee. This fee, collected at the time of adoption, enrolls your adopted dog in our training class. Our staff and volunteers make shelter visitors aware of the training fee early in the adoption process. We require training when it will greatly add to a dog's success in his or her new home. In other cases, we may conduct a property inspection or have other requirements. Our goal is not to make the process cumbersome, but to do what we know will ensure a lasting adoption. Having spent time with each dog prior to adoption, having a good knowledge of breeds, plus a success rate for lasting adoptions well above the national average, we feel god about our matchmaking process.

Come Visit Us!
The shelter is open to the public every day. Front Office hours are 11 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday; 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday. We are closed all major holidays. It is often not possible for our staff to complete adoptions for visitors arriving less than an hour before our posted closing times.

Directions to PHS:
Our new Lantos Center is on Rollins Rd., just west of Hwy 101. From the north, take the Millbrae Ave. exit and make a left on Rollins Rd. We will be on the left side. From the south, take the Broadway Ave. exit and follow it over the freeway. Stay in the right lane, and turn right at the first signal (Rollins Rd.). We will be on the right side.