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Our pet of the month introduces herself...

Hello and thanks for checking in! There are currently no homeless Piedmont or Emeryville animals available at the City of Berkeley Animal Shelter, but, there are many, many wonderful dogs and cats available that were picked up in Berkeley and Albany. Please consider checking them out! Save the life of a shelter animal today! The shelter address and phone number are noted below. Thanks.

Important Reminder!

Please help reduce pet overpopulation by remembering to spay or neuter your pets. Also remember to vaccinate your pets and take them to the vet for routine check ups!

Who We Are

Piedmont Police Department Animal Services is a department of two full-time officers who provide Animal Control Services to the Cities of Piedmont and Emeryville, California. Piedmont and Emeryville are both located in the East Bay bordering the City of Oakland, CA. Piedmont and Emeryville contract animal shelter services with the City of Berkeley, CA. All stray and homeless animals that are picked up in Piedmont and Emeryville are transported to the Berkeley Animal Care Services shelter for temporary housing. If you see an animal on this home page or on the "our pet list" link above, that you are interested in potentially adopting, unless otherwise noted, that animal will be located at the Berkeley Animal Care Shelter. You will need to give the staff at the Berkeley shelter a kennel number and an impound number for the animal that you are interested in. The kennel number and impound number for each available animal will be noted on this website.

Adopting a Friend

Please make a positive difference in the fight to end homeless animal euthanasia. Adopt a shelter animal. If you are interested in adopting a new companion animal and you do not see the perfect animal on this page, don't forget there are many other "petfinder.org" affiliated agencies.

Come Visit Us!

City of Berkeley
Animal Care Services Shelter

2013 2nd Street
(between Addison & Hearst)
Berkeley, CA 94710

Piedmont Police Dept. Animal Services &
Emeryville Police Dept. Animal Services

403 Highland Avenue
Piedmont CA 94611

Phone: (510) 420-3006

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