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This shelter is one of the Kern County animal shelters. Animals are brought here from Tehachapi, Rosamond, Mojave and all of eastern Kern County. The shelter is open from 10 am until 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They are open from 2 pm until 7 pm on Wednesdays. They are closed on Sunday. The shelter is also closed for lunch every day from 12 until 1 pm.

Adopting a friend

Female cats can be adopted for $40 and male cats for $30. If the cat is not spayed/neutered, once you have the cat fixed you can apply for reimbursement of $20 for females and $15 for males. Female dogs, male dogs and puppies can be adopted for $60. Once again if the animal is not fixed and you have it spayed/neutered, you can obtain a refund of $40. When you have the dog given a rabies shot and license it, you can get an additonal refund of $10.

Come Visit Us!

The shelter is located in the town of Mojave, at the airport. If you are coming from the south on highway 14 (from Lancaster), turn right on highway 58 in Mojave. Make a left turn into the Mojave Airport. Turn right on Poole St. and drive to the stop sign. The shelter will be the only building and it's on the left. If you are coming in from the north (from Tehachapi) on highway 58, drive through Mojave and turn left on highway 58. Follow the above directions.
Kern County Animal Shelter-Mojave
923 Poole St.

Mojave, CA 93501
Phone: 661-824-1030

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