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Volunteers needed-Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a new initiative at MCHS to help both dogs and cats get adopted.  The Buddy will commit to at least two sessions per week with their animal.  Our preference would be to choose an animal that has been at the shelter for a long time – these are the animals that we know need the help right now.

The Buddy program was initiated because of the experience of a well loved shelter dog.  His name is Buddy – he was born at the shelter and grew up at the shelter.  No one knows why he didn’t get adopted – he is a very handsome dog.  But he was at the shelter for 2 years.  He finally was adopted but returned because he was overly aggressive in his new home.  He simply was in the shelter too long and did not get enough one on one socialization and training.  The MCHS simply does not have the financial means to provide weekly training and socialization on an individual basis.  So Buddy did not have the training needed to be able to adjust to a home environment.  Buddy is fortunate because a couple of volunteers wanted to help rehabilitate him.  He is now at a rehab facility in Windsor called King’s Kastle and is doing very well.    He has a new name – Cubby – since he is starting a brand new life.  Cubby’s picture is below.   From this point forward, we want every dog and cat to have the individual attention and training that will get them adopted and adjust to their new home.

Please find more info at http://www.mendohumane.com/

Adopting A Friend

All of our animals are spayed and neutered prior to adoption. All adult animals are fully vaccinated. Puppies and kittens have been started on a series of vaccinations. It all depends on how long they have been with us, as to how close the series is to being complete. All cat\ kittens are tested for Feline Leukemia (FELV)and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). All dogs are tested for Heartworm. All animals are micro chipped. We are now doing dentals on animals that need it. Our adoption process: applicant completes adoption application, applicant is interviewed, adoption is approved or denied, adoption contract is reviewed and signed, vaccination history is gone over as well as diet. Adoption fees are $ 100.00 dollars for all animals.

Who We Are

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society is a nonprofit no kill shelter. Established in 1986 as an alternative to the County Pound. We took on the task of finding homes for the large number of abandoned and lost animals who, at that time, would have been sold for medical research or euthanized, no matter how healthy or socialized they were. Besides sheltering animals, an important ongoing facet of the humane society is to raise awareness of the plight of unwanted, neglected or abused animals and our responsibilities as their guardians. "Every Life Has Value" Our mission is to contribute toward a better life for Animals and to inspire public awareness of animal's needs. Purpose: To provide a safe haven for homeless animals; To secure permanent, loving and responsible homes for animals; To work toward ending the problem of pet overpopulation; To serve as a source of public education and assistance regarding the responsibilities of animal stewardship.

Come Visit Us

We want you! MCHS is always looking for volunteers. We need people to train dogs, take them out for walks, and to hang out with the cats in Kita's Kitty Cottage. To find out more, email us at info@mendocinohumane.org or call us at 964-SPAY.

We are located at 19691 Summers Lane, Fort Bragg, Ca. Directions: 2 miles east on Hwy.20, then 2\3 of a mile north on Summers Lane. Shelter hours are 12:00pm to 5:00pm, 6 days a week Monday through Saturday.

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