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About DPS:

Our rescued dogs and cats live in foster homes until we can find them appropriate, responsible, loving homes. We carefully screen potential adopters through an application and interview process. We are a community-based group and invite you to check out our Facebook page.


Adoption Process:

If you find a dog who you are interested in, please read the biography and if he/she is a match after reading the biography then please complete our online adoption application.

We review all applications and have a response within 24 hours. If it appears to be an initial match, we will then contact you via phone, generally within 48-72 hours (sometimes sooner!) to discuss the dog and your home. If it continues to be a match, we will then set up an appointment time to have your entire family/household meet the dog.

We are always in need of foster homes and volunteers. If you have a place in your heart where you want to make a difference in the lives of homeless, abandoned pets, please contact us.



Rocky Road

4-5 years old - Medium coat - Female

Good with cats and other dogs

Rock Road

Rocky Road is a 4-5 year old Terrier mix with a soft wire coat. She weighs about 7lbs and is a fun-loving spunky gal. Initially she's insecure and she's not always comfortable with strangers picking her up right away. Once she knows people then she loves to climb into their lap and will hang out there. But Rocky Road's absolute love in life is playing fetch. She will play fetch all day long. She will bring the ball back and stand in front of you but she won't let it go. You have to actually take it out of her mouth. It's so funny! Then she gets so excited when she knows you are going to throw the ball for her again. She wants you to take it out of her mouth and she wants you to throw it again, again and again and you can spend all day throwing that ball and she'll fetch it even when she's exhausted.

Rocky Road could be an apartment or condo dog. She could be one who goes on walks, goes to the dog park or hangs out with other doggy social friends. She gets along with big and small dogs and she even shares playing fetch with other friends. Rocky Road is better suited for adults and/or older kids. She's just not a youngsters type of dog. She isn't one who wants to be dressed up, pulled by the tail or really "man-handled" as kids so often do. She's a great adult's dog. She's potty pad trained. She's not a big barker. 

Rocky Road has a long soft wire coat that doesn't necessarily need to be professionally groomed. It doesn't continue to grow. It is non-shedding and with regular brushing it stays detangled. It's a fairly easy coat to maintain.