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Hooks Home Bound Rescue



 is for the tow truck drivers who go out daily on calls to rescue those who are in need of help. Many do not make it back home; some end up in the hospitals,physically disabled and some are even killed as other drivers do not observe the National Move Over Slow Down laws. These guys and gals are out there for all of us twenty-four hours a day! 


 They are the unsung heroes of the road! 


  Home Bound 

Is where we all are headed to find peace, comfort and security so we do not need a RESCUE.



We are an organization that saves the lives of Humans and Animals alike. For the Humans, who are the true heros to all of us, and for the animals in need, may they be in High Kill Shelters, Deserts or abandoned on the roadside. 

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If you would like to meet any of our furry friends give us a call and we can set an appointment for you!

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