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National Cat Protection Society (NATCAT) Spring Valley welcomes owner-relinquished cats and kittens to stay in our state-of-the-art facilities until they find a proper home. We also provide lifetime care in our Retirement Home for cats, recently redesigned to enrich the environment with a wall-to-wall, overhead walkway, "lifeguard tower," large "island," "volcano with lava" hosting pressure-controlled heating pads, ramps, scratching posts, and the "Retirement Bay boat dock" anchoring "love boats" holding litterboxes. To be eligible, cats must meet certain health and medical requirements. For a one-time fee, they receive high-quality food, medical and dental care, and individual attention on a frequent basis from our staff and volunteers.

Furthermore, we adamantly combat the problem of overpopulation and cruelty to all animals by providing humane education through literature and public instruction.


Humane officer C. Richard Calore was serving in World War II when he found himself deep in a foxhole during the dead cold of winter. The scene was bleak until a courageous cat appeared, keeping him warm throughout the night. Inspired by his furry friend, Mr. Calore vowed to spend the rest of his life advocating the humane treatment of animals. He established NATCAT in 1968 as a safe haven for cats and kittens, to provide a retirement program for cats and as a vehicle for raising public awareness.

His widow, V.P. Public Relations Mrs. Gerri Calore, now furthers this cause alongside President Denise Johnston and our other staff and volunteers.

NATCAT has two locations in Southern California: Newport Beach and Spring Valley. Each location handles adoptions and retirements.

Adopting a Friend

Interested in adopting a cat or kitten from NATCAT Spring Valley? Come on down, and look around! A staff member will be readily available to answer your questions on any of our cats and kittens.

After you find your new family member, you must read, understand and sign an Adoption Agreement and pay the $75 adoption fee. Before any of our cats or kittens are eligible for adoption, they are spayed or neutered, checked for good health and sound temperament, tested for feline leukemia, given kitten vaccinations or annual boosters, de-wormed and microchipped for easy identification if they go missing. We encourage all household members to be present during the adoption process. Please bring a secure cat carrier for your new pet to ensure a safe ride home.

During the summer kitten season, we take in kittens as space opens or on a "first-come basis" by appointment only.

Come Visit Us!

National Cat Protection Society
9031 Birch Street
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Phone: (619) 469-8771
Fax: (619) 469-2454
Facebook: NATCAT Spring Valley

Hours: Noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday

Directions: From the 125, exit Jamacha Rd. and go east. Turn left onto Sweetwater Ln. (not Sweetwater Rd.). Turn right onto Birch St. The shelter is on the right-hand side of the street.

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Join NATCAT at Our 43rd-Anniversary Open House and Fundraiser!

Help our many shelter cats and kittens at our Open House and Fundraiser while delighting in their company with other feline fans. While you purr-use the shelter’s kitten center, adult areas and environmentally enriched retirement home, you'll enjoy nibbling on re-fur-shments, and winning raffle and silent auction purr-izes!

The event is free and exclusively benefits the kitties through ongoing care and education. To learn other details or RSVP, contact (619) 469-8771 or

Volunteer at NATCAT Spring Valley!

We are in desperate need of people to surrogate young kittens. If you would like to volunteer your time at the shelter or help with fostering the "little ones," please call (619) 469-8771 or email

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