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Who We Are

Dobie & Little Paws Rescue is a non profit charity. We are located in rural Fillmore, on a small ranch dedicated to animal rescue and to finding new homes for all of our charges. Operated by Ardis Braun since 1987, over 7000 dogs have been saved and placed in new homes solely through her outstanding dedication.

Approximately 90 Dobermans are waiting for homes, as well as around 50 small, mixed-breed dogs. We also currently have several dogs that do not fit in either category! Please peruse our list of adoptable pets to see all the great dogs that are waiting for homes. This site is primarily dedicated to our non-dobies, although you will see a few listed here. If you are interested in a Doberman Pinscher or Doberman-mix, please visit our Doberman Rescue web site at

Open house is Saturday from 11 - 3. Please plan on spending a minimum of 2 hours selecting your new pet and completing the adoption process. And please be patient: sometimes we are busy and you may have to wait. Also, we close at 3 PM, so please be here no later than 2 PM. Appointments can be made during the week to see a specific dog.

Adopting a friend

Call us so that we may take an oral application on the phone. The point is to match up the right dog for you! All dogs have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on vaccinations and have been microchipped. The microchip helps identify lost dogs and return them to their owners even if they no longer are wearing a collar. However, microchips are only scanned by vets and shelters, so please keep a collar and a tag with a CURRENT phone number on your dog at all times! (Our dogs also go home with a Dobie Rescue ID tag). Donation fees are between $250 and $350 for Dobermans and generally between $150 and $250 for other breeds.

Come Visit Us!

Fillmore is located on Hwy 126, which runs from Ventura to Magic Mountain. The rescue is located 4 miles west of Fillmore @ 2946 Young Rd. If you're coming from Magic Mountain, go thru Fillmore, keep going west for about 4 miles and turn RIGHT on Sycamore, (which is approxx. 4 miles WEST of Fillmore). 2 miles down Sycamore, turn LEFT on YOUNG. Go to the end of YOUNG. We're the first driveway on the LEFT, about 1.5 miles up YOUNG. GO SLOW, or you will miss it. If you get to the END sign, you went too far. Backtrack 100 yards. If you are coming from Ventura, take the 126 thru Santa Paula. About 5 miles east of Santa Paula, turn LEFT on Sycamore. WATCH FOR OPPOSING TRAFFIC!! This is a dangerous turn!! Then follow instructions as above. If you are coming from SIMI VALLEY, take the 118 West to New Los Angeles Ave. Go west to Moorpark Ave., turn right. Follow that all the way up, over, and thru what is known as Grimes Canyon. That will take you into Fillmore. First major intersection in Fillmore is HWY 126. Turn left, go west on HWY 126 to Sycamore. If you get lost despite these directions, call us at either one of these numbers: 805 524 5102 or 818 317 1054

Doberman Rescue
2946 Young Road
Fillmore, CA 93015
Phone: 805 524-5102

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