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CCHR is always actively looking for volunteers to help with the care of the rescued horses who have found sanctuary at the Ojai facility. Volunteers are also needed to help with the maintenance of the CCHR ranch and for CCHR fundraising activities and events. Please contact our New Volunteer Orientation Coordinator at (805) 649-1090 if you would like to attend the next meeting for new volunteers. 

CCHR is also in need of loving and caring foster homes for the horses who might be waiting to come into the shelter.  

Please call us at (805) 649-1090 if you would like any information in regards to CCHR, volunteering or becoming a CCHR foster home.  

Adopting A Friend

We love seeing those wonderful moments when a CCHR horse finds and makes that perfect connection with a special person! We want all CCHR horses to have the chance to have their very own person or family in a forever home of their own. CCHR has helped hundreds of horses to find new homes. 

CCHR carefully screens potential caregivers and makes every effort to match a horse with a compatible new person. CCHR remains the legal owner of the horse and the caregiver is the legal custodian of the horse. A CCHR horse can never be sold, given away, or disposed of in any manner. The horse must always returned to California Coastal Horse Rescue if the caregiver can no longer care for the horse. 

Who We Are

California Coastal Horse Rescue, CCHR, cares for those horses that no one else will care for. It provides food, shelter, rehabilitation, medical care, and adoption services for horses who have been abused, abandoned or neglected and by doing this offers them a second chance at healthy, productive lives.

If you would like to help support the horses of CCHR, please go to www.razoo.com/story/California-Coastal-Horse-Rescue to donate. CCHR absolutely relies on your generosity and support



Come Visit Us

We love to have visitors... Please contact CCHR at (805) 649-1090 or email cchr.rescue@gmail.com to make an appointment to come and visit the ranch and the horses.

You can also check out the CCHR Facebook page at California Coastal Horse Rescue to find out more about CCHR and the horses who have found sanctuary there.

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