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GPASC Rescue is a private rescue and foster care organization, created for the safe haven and permanent placement of homeless Great Pyrenees. We only do placements within California, primarily in the southern area. NO OUT OF STATE ADOPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Each of the dogs who come to GPASC Rescue is cared for in a home-like environment, with abundant love, attention and special care. These dogs have been through a lot...and it is our objective to make them feel secure, safe and that when they are placed in their forever homes, they will stay there!

We are NOT a shelter. We rescue from the Los Angeles city and county shelters, and we accept Great Pyrenees owner turn-ins who are in need of re-homing for whatever reason (to save them from even a temporary stay at a shelter).

We advocate the spaying and neutering of all animals -- no pup will be adopted from this organization before he or she has been altered. We also treat these pups as if they were our own, providing them with care, attention, a loving environment, and when necessary, rehabilitation to prepare them for their forever homes.

We are a not-for-profit organization. The adoption fee for each pup goes towards subsidizing the expenses involved in preparing the pups for adoption. This includes altering, grooming, de-worming, flea & tick treatment, medical attention, prescriptions, vaccinations and home delivery.

Costs of transport, when applicable, are not included in our standard adoption fee. Our utmost goal is to adopt to humans who will provide the perfect "forever" home for these little furbabies -- wonderful animals who deserve a second chance at a great life.

Adopting a friend

To adopt one of our rescues, you must first fill out an application. Please click here to go to our application page!
GPASC Rescue
Devore, CA 92407
Phone: 909 887 8201
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