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Go Dog Safe Paws has a specific adoption procedure.  If you are interested in a dog up for adoption, e-mail rescue@godogla.com and request a "screening questionnaire" indicating which dog you are interested in.  After we review your completed questionnaire and it is approved, we will follow up with you to set up a meet and greet with the the dog that you are interested in.

There is a minimum donation of $250 to adopt a mixed breed dog and a minimum donation of $300-$450 to adopt a puppy or purebred dog.

Who We Are

Go Dog Safe Paws is an all-breed rescue with the goal of saving dogs whose days at the shelter are numbered and are at greatest risk for euthanasia. They are dogs who have been red-listed, often simply because there is just no room for them at the shelter. Due to the high number of dogs (literally thousands) who are in this situation, Safe Paws focuses on rescuing those in need from the shelter, and does not take in owner surrenders. While some of those we rescue come with training and shake your hand upon meeting you, others are frightened and perhaps too nervous even to say ‘hello.’ They may not be fluffy and clean and ready to curl up in your lap, but they deserve a chance just as any dog does! 


Our jobs don’t end at simply pulling a dog out of the shelter, however! The health, safety and well-being of every single dog in our care is a number one priority. It is pretty much guaranteed that any dog, when first removed from an animal shelter, will be sick. This is why we immediately seek proper veterinary care for each and every dog we rescue. We want to ensure they are treated for any underlying medical issues and receive preventive treatment for their overall wellbeing. A healthy dog is a happier dog!  


Come Visit Us

If interested in meeting a dog, it is by appointment only and in order to set an appointment, you must have an approved screening questionnaire.

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