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Featured Dog - Binky

PUPDATE 3/06: Binky graduated from K9 Bootcamp; intensive obedience training and socialization for 6 weeks. This was to help him overcome his fear of men and to become a model Canine Citizen. Binky did very well with his training and is ready to find his forever home!

Binky is a goofball, about 1 &1/2 years old. He is a very handsome neutered male Lab, Sharpei and Pit Bull Mix, about 50 pounds. Binky is a funny and VERY smart dog. He loves people and other dogs although can be fearful of men and strangers. We’ve had him since he was 5 weeks old, so we know that there is no abuse in his background. The fearfulness is just a result of him not being exposed to a lot of different people, which is the reason we sent him to Boot Camp. He needs someone that will continue to work with him on this. He would not do well in a home where people are coming and going all of the time or in a City type environment.

Binky is an active little guy and likes to cuddle once he’s worn out. He also likes to run around in the yard and explore with other dogs. Binky needs a home with another playful female dog for company, or someone who has a ton of time to spend with him and that will take him everywhere with them. He wants currently lives with 3 male dogs, 2 that are about his size and one small Terrier that he loves to play with. He may become dominant as he grows older, so needs a female or smaller dog that will allow him to be Alpha Dog and that can keep up with him, he loves to play! Binky is housebroken and knows how to use a dog door but would need to be watched in a new environment. If left alone for too long and bored, he will chew on inappropriate items if given the opportunity. He needs to be provided with plenty of toys to keep him occupied and out of trouble. One of his favorite past times is shredding Kleenex and Remote Controls.

Adoption fee: $150.00, Fee includes: Neuter First Year Vaccinations and Wormings,1 month of ShelterCare Pet Insurance


FOTOS Dog Rescue is currently seeking volunteers for help at our Saturday adoption days. FOTOS Dog Rescue is also in desperate need of Emergency Foster Volunteers. Please check out our web site www.fotosdogs.org for further information or call (925) 417-2558. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS -- PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Who We Are

FOTOS Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization, run by a small group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue and placement of companion dogs from the Oakdale Animal Shelter in Stanislaus County, California and some owner surrenders in surrounding areas of the East Bay. The Oakdale Animal Shelter consists of 12 kennels and is only open 90 minutes a day Monday through Saturday. If it weren?t for FOTOS dog rescue, 90% of the dogs taken in to the shelter would be euthanized.

Adopting a friend

FOTOS' Foster-To-Adopt program is wonderful program that results in the successful placement of dogs into good homes. It's really quite simple. After a careful screening process, collection of the adoption deposit, and the review of foster and adoption rules, the dog is allowed to go home with you for one week. This trial period allows for you and the dog to adjust to each other habits and personalities.

You should use the week to make sure that you really are ready to adopt a dog. If things don't work out, you will bring the dog back to FOTOS at noon on the following Saturday and your deposit will be refunded. We insist on the trial period before adoption to ensure that you and your family are willing to make a lifetime commitment to the dog. We want to be absolutely sure that the dog won't ever end up in a shelter again.

Our adoption fees vary between $150 and $250. This fee covers the dog's spay or neuter, shots and wormings for the first year, a Mandatory Obedience Class for puppies and 2 months of ShelterCare pet insurance through Petfinder.com.

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