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We take such care with our rescued dogs because we want to give them a wonderful new life with a great family. Our goal are adoptions that are happy and successful for all concerned.   The stress and heartbreak dogs go through while in shelters, being totally lost and abandoned, is very hard on them.

Our adoption fee ranges from $200 to $400.  The adoption process starts with filing out an application and returning it to us (application link),  We we check references, and follow up with a phone interview and if it looks like a good match, set up a meet and greet.  We do home checks just to be sure fences are sound, gates latch and lock, homes are geared for a cattledog (or which ever dog) and also to be sure all family members are harmonious.  We are available for help or referrals to help should need arise.  We ask for periodically updates on the dogs also as we put a lot into them and it is good to see how they are doing in their lives.  

We prefer homes with good fenced yards and people in the home most of the day.  Active homes, people that have experience or who have studied the breed or herding dogs are a plus.  Families who are involved with the dog training is great.   A home that has no yard or apartment only and/or people gone more than 4 hours a day may not be suitable unless there are other daily arrangements made for the dog to have activities and some amount of exercise are made.  Some older dogs are slowed down and would do better in less active homes.  Puppies should not be left along for long at all.   Cattledogs are generally highly active, always busy but some are medium energy and are fine hanging out with their people or person no matter what.  We even find some that are just sweet couch potatoes. 

There are people who have come from as far as Washington, Colorado. and even Canada to adopt dogs from us.  As long as we can get a good home check, references and some more things to address distance issues, we are open to long distance adoptions.   We do not ship dogs to people who cannot come to meet the dog.  We tried that a few times and it worked but for one it was too hard.  After that we decided it was best for adopters to come and meet the dog and take home with them if a good match where the home is already checked.  In many cases we drive the dog to their new home, after the initial meeting, to do a home check on the spot and be sure they are settled in well. This has worked wonderfully with no issues.  


We are always on the look out for good quality foster homes.  Typical foster term is 4 months but could be shorter or longer.  Fostering a dog is an investment in time and love, and also training and the quality of life an adoptive dog would have so the foster dog is ready to transition to the the adoptive home.  Sometimes fosters decide they want to adopt a dog and that works out fine.  

Medical Fosters are those who are able to manage and care for a dog that is injured or sick, under veterinary care and needs time and safety and care to recover fully.  Medical fosters are often needed for these dogs as many come in in having been hit by a car or come down with various shelter related illnesses.   We back our fosters 100% and we do not put a dog in a foster home that exceeds the foster's abilities.

Senior Fosters are usually longer term fosters as sometimes it takes longer to place senior dogs.  A person or family interested in fostering a senior should be able to devote up to 10 months to fostering.  The rewards are high however as senior dogs usually are not lucky to make it out of the shelters.  

Puppy Fosters are short term  approximately 4 weeks.  Many puppies go to their new homes on Foster-to-Adopt contracts which allows the pup to bond with their new family and have their neuter/spay surgery at 6 months or later, depending on the estimated adult size of the dog and our veterinarian's recommendation.   We do this because we want to give the pups every change at a healthy, happy life and reduce changes of early arthritis.

We have also done foster to adopt contracts for adult dogs while they are vetted and recover.  

Peak times of need of fosters are winter, especially during holidays when many are left at shelters; and July, when thousands of dogs arefrightened and lost and jam our public animal shelters to the point there is not enough room.  This is tragically a time that dogs have shorter hold times due to so many frightened stray dogs crowding into the shelters.  Fosters homes for the months of  July and more are very helpful.  

Our email is info@redwoodcattledog.org and you can email directly or through Petfinders for a specific listed dog.  


Who We Are

Redwood Coast Cattledog Rescue is a small rescue with a big reach.  We try very hard to keep dogs out of shelters wherever possible and to rescue those that we have a foster for.  We are an all-volunteer rescue based in Northern California with foster homes in various locations of California, Nevada and Oregon.   We focus primarily on cattledogs and mixes but occasionally help other breeds.  We are entirely foster based and do not have a facility with kennels for dogs, therefore good quality foster homes are extremely important.  We are a tax exempt, 501c3 Non Profit Organization.

We take very good care of dogs we bring into rescue.  They all have time to recover from the shelter and make sure they are healthy, wormed, have a clean fecal, negative heartworm, are vaccinated, altered, microchipped and receive work they may need to become adoptable. Rescue is the time they need to be set on a new track of loving care.  Our reward is purely the satisfaction and joy of having saved wonderful dog from suffering and/or death, bringing them back to health, helping behavioral issues where possible and matching them with people who appreciate the value of a rescued pet who will provide them with a suitable loving furever home. 

Come Visit Us

We do not maintain a public shelter or kennel as our dogs are fostered in private homes where they get the attention and care needed to transition well with their new adoptive families.  In rare cases when we are short a foster home we will have have a dog in temporary boarding while waiting for an opening in foster.  Occassoinally we have had dogs in training/boarding to work out behaviorial problems that we cannot manage in a regular foster home.  We will not put possibly dangerous dogs in foster homes.  We have foster homes in many locations and volunteers to help with meet and greets, home checks and so on.  

Appointments to meet particular dogs can be made once an application is submitted and a phone interview complete.  We do not make appointments to meet dogs without a completed application.  

You can also visit us on Facebook!  We have an active page with posts everyday.  https://www.facebook.com/RedwoodCattledogRescue/



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