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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adoption is for Life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Adopting a dog is a life long commitment.  This is why we take such care of our rescued dogs. Our goal are adoptions that are happy and successful for all concerned.  

Our adoption fee ranges from $100 to $300.   All dogs receive:  exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations (5in1, kennel cough, rabies), heartworm check, heartworm preventative, flea preventative, worming (tapeworms, roundworms),  microchip, grooming (ears, nails, bath).  They are fed high quality food and as needed have supplements and probiotics added to their food.

More often than not the dogs come out of shelters with respiratory infections and/or intestinal parasites (whipworms, giardia and/or coccidia) which must be diagnosed and treated.  Occasionally dogs might have more serious infections or injuries that require extensive treatment to heal.  A shelter environment harbors all sorts of disease and the stress of being in a shelter lowers a dog's immunity.   The question is not so much WILL a dog be sick from a shelter, but more like WHEN will a dog become ill after being in a shelter.  The incubation of most illnesses is 14 days.   The average costs of rescue and vetting run just about $400 for healthy dogs.  When they are sick or injured costs increase and for serious illness/injuries costs easily exceed $1500.  

We do our best to address presenting health needs and screen and access for their general health and disclose any known issues and all known behavioral issues prior to adoption.  Medical records are available for all dogs.                   

We are beginning a senior dog program and also a program to help dogs living with elderly that may need a little extra care to remain in their loving homes.

Occasionally we seek fosters for hospice care - dogs that need a loving home environment and people to bring them comfort in their last days or months. 

Medical fosters are also needed to help while dogs recover from injury or illness - asl well as fosters with positive and similar training eperierience who may want to help with a foster that needs some basic or advanced training and direction.

Dog walkers are also welcome, even weekend fosters who may want to take a dog to the beach or hiking.   All of these things help bring a dog back to "normal" life and increase their chances of a successful adoption.   All are screened carefully.

We offer straight out adoptions and we also have a foster-to-adopt program.  The foster to adopt program requires a commitment to foster for a minimum of 3 months with the first option to adopt.  These helps everyone involved!

Who We Are

Redwood Coast Cattledog Rescue is a small, all-volunteer rescue based in Northern California with foster homes in various locations of California.   We focus primarily on cattledogs and mixes but occasionally help other breeds.  We operate with the help of donations and grants and adoption fees.  We are in the process of applying for non-profit status, which should be completed in March 2013   

We don't cut corners on the care of our dogs; they have been through enough and rescue is the time they need to be set on a new track of loving care.  Our reward is purely the satisfaction and joy of having saved wonderful dog from suffering and/or death, bringing them back to health, helping behavioral issues where possible and matching  them with people who appreciate the value of a rescued pet who will provide them with a loving furever home. 

Come Visit Us

We do not maintain a public shelter or kennel as our dogs are fostered in private homes where they get the attention and care needed to integrate quickly with their new adoptive families.  In rare cases when we are short a foster home we will have have a dog in temporary boarding while waiting for an opening in foster.  Our dogs are in foster homes in throughout Califonria, including Sonoma County, Temecula, Hesperia, Van Nuys, Reno and Sacramento.   We are always in need of quality foster homes and welcome inquiries about our foster-to-adopt program.

Appointments to meet particular dogs can be made once an application is submitted and a phone interview complete. 

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