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Adopting A Friend

  • All potential adopters must fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire for adoption approval.
  • All adopters must provide a government-issued photo ID.
  • Our shelter coordinators/volunteers will conduct lifestyle screening interviews to ensure that your new pet is right for your lifestyle.
  • You must also bring in proof of home ownership or renting.
  • Please call our center coordinator for our schedule of fees.

Who We Are

WAGS {http://www.wagspetadoption.org/} is an “open-admission” animal rehabilitation and adoption center serving Westminster and Southern California. Our facility has become a popular destination for families looking to adopt pets because our high level of healthcare, and multi-dimensional family-to-pet matching, produces consistently happy adoptions.

    The story of WAGS is based on listening to the needs of our community.  Our innovation focuses on giving our adoptive families complete peace-of-mind that their new pet is healthy and closely-matched to their lifestyle.  Central to our innovation is integration of high quality veterinary medical care early into the lives of the pets; long before you fall in love with them.  We smile ... we want you to continue to fall in love with these lovable fur balls just as you always have.  In the background, we work tirelessly to make it possible for you to happily bring your new pet into your lives.  We invite you to call us and speak with our center coordinator to learn about WAGS!

    The foundation for WAGS is full physical and philosophical integration with Westminster Veterinary Group (WVG) in order to achieve our singular mission of compassionate quality care for you and your pet.  This integration is a unique asset that fuses over 11 years of compassionate veterinary care experience and data with advances in animal welfare management.

WAGS offers an innovative adoption experience for all pets and their adoptive families.  The WAGS system of care represents a leap into the future of animal care for forward-thinking California communities.


[WAGS Mission Statement]

WAGS is committed to the welfare of animals:

** We shall provide shelter and care for animals.

** We shall provide programs and services that enhance the bonds between animals and people.

** We shall be advocates for animals ... speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.


[Guiding Principles]

** Increase adoption / placement of animals into humane environments.

** Provide, monitor, and maintain programs to reduce companion-animal overpopulation and euthanasia.

** Provide and monitor programs that provide for the well-being of animals in our care.

** Understand and broaden awareness of animals and community needs and our role in meeting those needs.

** Provide programs and Services to improve the relationship between animals and people.

** Attract, retain and develop capable, caring and professional staff, paid and volunteer, to achieve our mission.

** Be an advocate for animal welfare concerns.

** Identify and secure resources to support our activities.

** Evaluate, maintain, and improve equipment, facilities and grounds.



Come Visit Us


 The WAGS adoption center (located inside the Westminster Veterinary Group animal hospital) is open Tuesday-Sunday for adoption tours


[Our Adoption hours]

Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-5pm



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WAGS/Westminster Veterinary Group 

6621 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683

Map ~> http://goo.gl/H0q2j

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