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We are desperately in need of funds and fosters!  A few of the dogs have had extensive medical bills and that adds up fast!  Any amount you are able to donate will help!

Coco was with us for a while and we discovered that she had cancer.  She was spayed, given a dental and had the cancerous mass removed with good margins!  Whew, she's now adopted and happy with her new home and a mommy all her own!  Pretty little wild thing Sonia had knee surgery to the tune of almost $1,000.00 and she too is doing great in a home of her own with one of our previous adopters.  So she has another pommy sister to play with and keep her company!

These are just 2 of our medical cases and there have been so many more.  The adoption fee of $300.00 doesn't even come close to covering all the expenses of vetting these precious little ones.

Please consider their health and well being and see if you can't spare a small amount toward their future!  Thanks,  Linda

Adopting A Friend

If you are thinking about adopting a pom please go to the American Pomeranian Club website www.americanpomeranianclub.org to read all about this wonderful breed.

Great care and consideration should be given to getting a pet or adding a pet to your home and family.  All members of the family should be in agreement to getting a new pet and all should meet prespective new pets.

All Pomeranians have some traits in common but temperment, size and prior experiences all have an effect on the individual dog so that too must be considered before adotpion.

Pomeranians have grooming needs greater than many breeds and that is a major consideration before adopting a pom.  Another is a safe outside area for exercise and potty breaks, because ot their small size they can escape through many areas that are not even noticable or thought to be a problem with larger breeds.  Even if they are good with children they should never be left alone with them because they can be easily injured by an accident with even the gentlest child.  These are just a few things to think about before adopting a pom!!!



Who We Are

Nor Cal Pom Rescue is a tiny little Pomeranian Rescue in Santa Rosa, CA.  We will accept Poms from shelters and owner surrenders.  Once in our care they will receive any necessary vet care and always be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and properly groomed just for starters!

We strive to match the dog with the adoptive family on many levels (not unlike e-Harmony dating service!!!) so that the adoption will be satisfactory for all involved.

Our main goal is a quality adoption with a individual or family that is prepared to care properly for this Pomeranian for the rest of his or her life.  Love is wonderful but is not enough to sustain man or animal.  Adopters must also be able to provide for the safety, health, grooming and other physical needs of the dog in order for it to be a match!!! 


Last but not least is our funding; we are delighted to accept donations as that is our only source of funding other than the adoption fee for each dog. 

All adoption fees are tax deductible.  If you need a receipt for a donation we can provide one as we are now a registered 501(c)(3) with non-profit status. 




Come Visit Us

Unfortunately we do not have a public shelter for you to visit but fortunately our rescues are living in foster homes around the area.  If you are seriously considering one of our Pomeranians for adoption please contact us via e-mail or phone and we can arrange a meeting with that dog.

No adoptions will be completed without an approved application on file!

Contact Nor Cal Pom Rescue, Inc.


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