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Adopting A Friend

You are just 4 paws away from your new best friend!

We are honored that you have selected us to help you find your new DOG.

Step 1

Click the Adoption form link below and tell us about you and your family, what it is you are looking for in a dog, and what you in return will provide for your Dog. Once we receive your application, an Adoptions Volunteer Counselor will contact you to review your information. To speed up the process, you can send us photos of your yard and home where the dog will be during the day and at night. You can expect to hear from us to get you approved to adopt. Our goal is to help you with information and to get you ready for a new dog!


Step 2

You are approved to adopt! This next process is where we work together as a team to guide you toward meeting dogs that who come closest to meeting some of your requirements. This process can take time so we ask that you be patient and understand this needs to be a match for both YOU and YOUR new dog! Please understand that sometimes a dog just might not be right for You.

Step 3

You have met several dogs and feel you have found your forever friend. We will review your request with the foster family, and if they believe the adoption is right for the foster dog they will let you know. Our goal is to not operate by first-come, first-served but to do what is best for the dogs.

Step 4

Signing the paperwork and making the adoption donation is the beginning of your journey with your new Dog. You can count on 100% of your adoption donation going to help save one more dog. It costs much more than the adoption donation to save one dog. Have fun getting new stuff for your new dog! Your adoption counselor and/or foster family will be in contact with you several times after the adoption to ensure all is going well. Promising to care and provide for your dog is the gift you can give to the many volunteers who leave this dog in your hands and are trusting you to give them the BEST.

Thank you for Rescuing a dog that without YOU would be left behind. Labs and More Rescue is a Non Profit Organization made up of people just like YOU. We have a soft spot in our hearts for dogsand felt the need to help in the journey of finding them wonderful homes. Please think about becoming a volunteer and please add us to your charity list. Your adoption donation covers less than half of what is needed to save one dog, please consider making a Donation Today!

Who We Are

Labs and More is not a business, shelter or company; we are a Non-Profit Organization, and we rely on funds donated through adoptions, fundraising events, and by friends and families like YOU. You can help save the life of dogs through your donation. You can count on EVERY penny going back to saving the life of a Dog!


You can help in so many ways. Labs and More is Southern California’s fastest growing and most active Rescue. We work to rescue over 1,000 dogs each year finding them forever homes. In just 4 short years our Volunteers have worked to give hope to almost 3,000 Dogs in need of a chance at Life. 


This effort takes the support of many Volunteers who have skills that make us strong. You can help by Fostering Dogs, Seniors or adorable Puppies. So many Dogs are waiting for a chance to get out of the Shelters and Boarding Facilities and into kind and loving foster home to start their Journey to a Forever Home! Share your skill with Labs and More and make Difference in the Life of a Dog!

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