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2012 and 2013 EVENTS AND NEWS


CORONADO Annual HOLIDAY PARADE - Coronado Island, (San Diego County) CA
Coronado Island, CA
Step off at 6:00pm
Parade Participation with WRCA Reception at Loews Coronado Bay Resort

MARCH 2013

By special invitation, we are participating in The St Patty's Day Parade - San Diego, March 16th 2013, Saturday. Parade start time 10:30 AM Sharp. Westie participants need to be there by 9:00am to assure parking availability. We need ALL Westies and their owners for parade participants. Westies are required to be well behaved, leash trained (no extendo leads please), good temperament, able to adapt to noisy crowds and can walk several blocks of morning parade route. Welcome all Parade participants and their Westies to celebrate the day! Be sure to register via email inquiry: WestieRescueCA@cox.net

APRIL 2013

AMERICA'S PET EXPO - Orange County Fair Grounds, Costa Mesa, CA to be held April 19 - 22, 2013. We need volunteers and their well behaved Westies for 3 Day public event. Please volunteer, can you possibly give 4-5 hours? Large public participation 75,000 estimated attendance. Good dog shopping as well! We are there to educate and inform the public about our great breed and help them learn why they might or might NOT be the breed for them. Stop by our 'Kissing Booth' for a sloppy kiss by one of our 'Scottish Attired' adorable Westies. Check out the Upcoming Events section of our website.
Website: www.WestieRescueCa.com

JUNE 2013

SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR - Del Mar Fairgrounds-Del Mar, CA Meet the Breed Booth TBD (Date To Be Determined), AgriFair Building. Scottish themed breed booth, will provide public education, demonstrate training techniques, and have Westies for viewing. Due to the long hours we are seeking volunteers who are available to help man the hours indicated and required. Especially Monday night when breakdown must be in only one hour! This is always a great event, loads of fun and laughs.....come join us! Look for additional information and sign up on our website under Upcoming Events Come have fun at the fair!

Please visit our website to find other planned Westie events, view candid photos of calendar photo shoots, public breed education events, holiday public awareness events such as our annual participation in Home 4 The Holidays, City of La Mesa's 'dog-walk-athon', St. Patty's Day Parade, etc. Even, a '60's retro theme' Hollywood inspired movie premiere.


The premiere features two of our organization's volunteer's personal Westies. The two Westies, Willie and Lacy, participated in the filming of the motion picture 'Down With Love' , featuring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Not too shabby— having a walk on 'cameo' appearance with noted director, Payton Reed. The two specially selected Westies, popped out of a vintage Checker Cab, pulling director Reed through a busy New York street scene into a building. Well, actually folks, the 'animal wrangler'(...gosh, doesn't Hollywood get elaborate...) off stage, offered the two Westies a piece of chicken. They bounded out of that Checkered Cab, pulling the Director along. He was yelling "cut, cut, it's a wrap, print!" Guess the Westies didn't understand Hollywood slang! Visit our site and see just what is in the works for future fun times with our Westies.


Westie Rescue of CA, a nfpo is a full service breed rescue which spans CALIFORNIA, ARIZONA, OREGON, WASHINGTON, UTAH, IDAHO, NEVADA and NEW MEXICO. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER network, who work tirelessly in their committed fostered in loving homes while undergoing rehabilitation or retraining and then finding through approved applications their forever homes. We also participate in many public breed education/information forums and events. Often some rescues remain in our foster program longer than others due to major medical rehabilitation and/or surgical needs. If a dog who is diagnosed with a life threatening illness or disease, while in our care, they are lovingly fostered within our program until it is time for them to make the journey to The Rainbow Bridge. When training issues are discovered, we often consult a Certified Animal Behaviorist to determine the best corrective training, adoptive home, environment and re-training needs. We never judge why, when or where our Westies come; past experience tells us....from all walks of life. They may be owner surrendered, strays, referrals from Veterinarians, groomers, boarding kennels or caring private referrals from the public. Our goal is simple; we are here to help one dog at a time find their forever adoptive home.

Originally our area was California. However, due to our commitment and the increased number of Westies In Need, our rescue services now cover additional Western states, in addition to California. We are available to assist where a Westie In Need in the United States is located or where a Westie Rescue group/individual is not available.

West Highland White Terrier Rescue of California, is a private-not- for-profit organization. Westie Rescue of CA, apnfpo, is an all volunteer organization, funded solely by public donations and in kind contributions. The Founding Directors have over 80+ years in the breed and are associated with WHWTC of CA and WHWTC of America clubs. We work at fund raising events throughout the year to increase public awarness and fund our organization. We have a stellar reputation within the rescue community. We work with and support the efforts of other respected and responsible rescue groups.

Please remember us when giving to a favorite charity. With the downturn in the economy, we do need donations. Please go to our website and make a donation via PayPal or send your check to our PO Box. We sincerely thank you, as do our rescued Westies!


If you are considering adopting a Westie.....we suggest going to our website and review the detailed section Adopting A Westie.

Because our program covers all of California and the 7 adjoining states, our rescues are placed in pre-approved loving private foster care volunteer homes. We do not have a 'facility' or 'shelter' where the rescues are available for public viewing. Interested people can read stories and photos of our adoptable dogs via the website. Visitation is only by Review Board 'Meet and Greet' invitation to a pre-selected, approved adoptive family. A constant flow of 'lookers' through our private volunteer foster homes would be disruptive and disastrous to the dog's rehabilitation, not to mention upsetting to the foster volunteer's lives.


Make sure when you visit our website you check out our Westie Rescue Fund Raising Store those proceeds help defray the on-going costs to fund our rescue efforts. We feature darling collectible Westie items no Westie owner can be without. Bookmark the location...we are constantly searching for unique and different items to feature. Pay-Pal and personal checks accepted for your purchasing convenience..teehee. Look at the holiday ornaments or check out our 'Westie at Play " darling collar and leash sets. Sure to show case your Westie's charm!


All donations, large or small, go toward reducing the costs associated with rehabilitation, Veterinarian medical services and medication, food, sanitation, sterilization, flea control, public education, etc. A successful rescue program is always in need of funds. Believe it or not, Westies continually become displaced, day after day, month after month. The larger the area serviced, the larger the need becomes for on-going funding.

If you would like to donate items or products, rather than monies, visit our 'Currently Needed List' which is located on our websites donations/volunteering section.

If you would like to volunteer your time, energy and talents, please complete the 'volunteer form' on our website. We need volunteers who can appropriately foster, provide transport, are willing to help with house and crate training, can visit shelter's to positively identify our breed, participate in owner surrender pick-ups, help organize fund raising or public education events, etc. We need behind the scenes help as well: doing administrative tasks, delivering shelter information packets and our leaving brochures at pet-related businesses.


Westie Rescue of CA, apnfpo
...serving California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington State
Post Office Box 2822
El Cajon, CA 92021-2822
Website: www.WestieRescueCa.com
Email: WestieRescueCA@cox.net

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