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Once a dog is ready to be adopted (all medical needs have been met), the dog is posted on Petfinder.com and Craigslist.com.
Fees range based on medical expenses incurred.
We fully disclose everything we have learned about that dog's personality and strive to make sure each dog goes to an appropriate home.
If you like one of the dogs you see here, please respond to skyn1512@aol.com or reply directly to the ad on Petfinder or Craigslist. You can also call 925-286-6111 to speak with the founder, Shawn. At that time we will ask you questions about what kind of dog you are looking for and what kind of home you can offer.
If it looks like a possible match, we will then arrange a meeting with your family and the dog.
Adoptions are usually complete the day of the visit if all parties are satisfied, and you can take home your new dog that day!
We do require our adopters to fill out an adoption application/contract in person, once the adoption is actually taking place.
We now accept credit cards!

Who We Are

Sweet Dog Rescue was born from the founder taking in a dog here and there that needed help. She became very invested in helping needy dogs that one dog turned into more! Needing access to more resources, Sweet Dog Rescue was born.
Currently, the founder is the only person housing dogs, so if you have space in your heart and home, please help us foster some great dogs!
Volunteers are not paid in money, but in wags and doggie kisses. The organization pays for all medical care and food.
We keep animals until they are adopted and expect to adopt out 25 dogs per year.
If you cannot open your home, but would still like to help, donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can be in the form of money, food, animal supplies or time to walk a dog or take one to the park for some fun!

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